Friday, June 28, 2013

Scorching Safari

I wore this outfit for a lunch date in the big city with my husband. We went to see Monsters University, which I loved, obviously, since I'm a kid at heart. Then we went to a couple of stores we don't have in the hometown, and had a late lunch thanks to a gift card from my aunt and uncle. It was a great day... but it was so terribly, terribly hot (it hit 100). I envy those of you who are still comfortably wearing ankle pants.

Top: Old Navy {same style, sim, sim, sim}
Belt: Target {exact}
Shorts: Apt. 9 via Kohl's {exact}
Sandals: Target {exact}

I should have saved this outfit for next week when the forecast calls for mid 80s, but I just couldn't resist. I have had this pin for so long, and I've had this outfit in mind for a couple of weeks. The only thing keeping me from wearing it sooner was that I didn't have the "right" belt. I finally settled for the leopard belt to give me that safari guide look.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Behavioral Conditioning

Is it just me, or do you see your clothes differently when they are on hangers? Take this top, for example. When it's hung up in the closet, I rarely have any urge to wear it. I see it, and I go, "meh". But when I wear it, I love it and don't want to take it off. This happens with a lot of my clothes. It's a problem I'm trying to fix.

Top: The Limited {simoption, sleeveless, chambray}
Shorts: Old Navy {same style, similar}
Flip Flops: Old Navy {same style}

Another problem of mine? Wearing shorts in public. I feel really self conscious in them, as if I were carrying around a giant sign that says "Look! I have huge thighs and cellulite!" I'm convinced, however, that if I wear shorts repeatedly and do not have terrible experiences, then I will no longer negatively associate with shorts. It's a process, but it makes sense, right?

Monday, June 24, 2013


At the beginning of the year, I put together a wishlist. For six months now, I have been searching for the perfect polka dot shirt. I tried this one from Forever 21, but it was too tight on the arms, and too baggy in the  midsection. J. Crew's version fit the bill, but the bill itself was too much for my budget. J. Crew Factory offered a slightly more affordable version. The regular price tag was still more than I was willing to spend, but then finally a few weeks ago the entire store was 50% off and I decided to go for it. 

Top: J. Crew Factory {exact, smaller dots}
Shorts: The Limited (c/o Mom) {similar}
Sandals: Target {exact}

I'll admit it... putting this effort together was really quite effortless. Translation: success! 

Fashion Tip: Don't be afraid to do (or wear) the obvious. When your top has two colors in it (e.g., ivory and navy) coordinate by wearing solid colored bottoms of one of those colors (e.g., navy). Sometimes less is more.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How I Wear Neon

Today I am linking up with Bri at Work Clothes, I Suppose for Third Thursday Threads: NEON. Although I think neon looks great on running shoes and soccer cleats, I'm really not a fan of it as a fashion statement.

Oddly enough, I purchased this tee in neon coral so I could qualify for free shipping. Despite the name, it didn't look very neon-y online, so I figured it would be a keeper. When the tee arrived, however, I cringed. The neon was just too overwhelming. It would be going back, for sure. Or so I thought. 

I can't remember why, but I hung the tee in my bathroom instead of putting it back in the bag. (It was probably to compare it to this other tee I bought (in energetic peach) that I also had hanging up.) In less than two days, I realized I actually really liked the neon tee, so I wore it that evening for dollar tacos. Have you ever had a similar experience?

Tee: Gap {exact}
Sunglasses: The Limited
Shorts: The Limited {chambray option}
Flip flops: Old Navy {same style}

This is the type of "outfit" I would wear throughout the entire summer (with the exception of 95+ degree days-- then it's all about sleeveless, flowy dresses). I apologize in advance if this blog becomes a snoozefest of shorts/tees and dresses for the duration of the summer... but that's how I roll :o)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day Tripper

What do you wear when you take a day trip to a winery? I would recommend printed crops and a denim jacket. I pinned a similar outfit but decided to swap the button up shirt for a white tee. I was unsure when I purchased this denim jacket how much I would wear it, but at this point I can say I am very pleased with it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we knew exactly how much wear we would get from something before purchasing it?

Tee: The Limited {option}
Denim Jacket: Target {exact, similar}
Crops: The Limited {option, option}
Sandals: Mix No. 6 via DSW {exact}

A few weeks ago, a few of the ladies from my department and I went to a nearby winery. The winery was located in a very small town, within walking distance of a street that had antique shops on both sides. There was even an Irish pub unlike any I had ever seen before. The main floor was very small, consisting of a lobby and bathrooms. Unexpectedly, there were three or four levels below ground! Needless to say, I wouldn't mind taking refuge in such a place if a tornado were about to strike down.

Since I'm not working this summer, I'm eager to make the most of it and take more day trips. Do you have any suggestions?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Feel Good Dress

About a month ago, I reported that I bought a fabulous dress, but wasn't sure whether I would keep it or not. Well, I decided to keep it. I just love the way I feel in it too much not to keep it. I wore this on Wednesday when my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our second anniversary. 

Dress: The Limited {exact}
Necklace: The Limited {exact}
Sandals: Mix No. 6 via DSW {exact}

I also want this purchase to serve as a reminder that (for me) clothing purchases should be accompanied by a positive feeling. I've bought (and subsequently returned) too many things this year after realizing that I was indifferent about item, or that blogging motivated the purchase. On that same shopping trip, I came home with these printed crops (in black) from Gap. Would they have been great for the blog? You betcha. Were they great for me? No way. They have no pockets, and they were really baggy in the knees. I counted the times I wore my other ankle pants, and realized that I wasn't wearing those enough; adding one more into the mix would further reduce the amount of times they would all be worn. 

It's been a couple of weeks since I've made the return, and I don't miss the crops. But then again, the 80+ degree heat could be playing a significant role in that decision.

Do you always feel excited/happy/(blank) when you buy a new piece of clothing? Is there a particular way you want to feel when you do?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Hour

I hate to say it, but I think spring has come and gone. Saturday I was playing soccer in beautiful mid 70s, and today it hit 97. Ninety-seven! Can you believe it?! A colleague and I had made plans to meet up for happy hour last night. I wanted to wear something nicer than a typical running errands outfit, but would keep me from breaking out in a sweat.

Top: Loft {similarish, option}
Necklace: The Limited {exact}
Rings: Charlotte Russe {exact on index, exact on thumb}
Shorts: Old Navy {same style}
Sandals: Target {exact}

When I bought this top, I had planned on eventually pairing it with white pants. I don't know about you, but 97 degrees is too hot for pants, so I thought "ah, why not white shorts?" I am really pleased with how this look turned out, even if I can come up with particular complaints about this outfit. (Necklace gets lost on print top, shorts are slightly too tight, sandals don't really work with this outfit.) How do you manage to put together a nice outfit for 90+ degree weather? Do you have to deal with this type of weather?

On a side note, today is my husband's and my two year wedding anniversary!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

What to Wear When Running Errands

Keeping up with the blog this summer is slightly challenging for me because I don't have many reasons to leave the house (with the exception of taking the dogs out). When I do leave the house, it's generally to run an errand, such as going to the grocery store or getting carry-out. But what does one wear for such occasions? 

Let me tell you something about myself. In the summer, I typically wake up, and put on a pair of Soffe shorts and a t-shirt. I don't put on a cute outfit, and I definitely don't dress to impress. So the question is, what happens when it's time to run an errand? Change into something cute, or go in lounge wear, since it is just running errands? What are the factors that play into the decision?

Top: Charlotte Russe (2008) {option}
Shorts: Merona via Target {similar}
Flip flops: Old Navy {same style}

I wore this for running errands (betcha didn't see that one coming) and getting dollar tacos. It's comfortable and I don't feel like I'm trying too hard, as opposed to if I had worn a skirt and blouse instead. What do you wear when you run errands? Do you allow yourself to leave the house in lounge wear, or do you force yourself to put on a real outfit?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maxi Dresses and Chambray Blazers

I probably wore this dress just about every week last summer, so I'm sure it will get plenty of wear this summer as well. Almost every time I've worn it as is, or paired it with a white or pink cardigan (ground-breaking, I know). Does this dress need to be styled in some other way, or does it work as is?

I would love to add one more to my closet, but I'm having a really hard time finding (inexpensive) maxi dresses lately. Does anyone else have this problem? It seems the only dresses out there are high-lo, come in a bizarre print, or are practically see-thru. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places?

I generally wear a navy cami under the dress so that I can wear a regular bra, but today I decided to be adventurous and try it without the cami. Since I don't have a fancy bra that works with this dress, I just wore a strapless one without clasping it in the back (tucking the flaps in the front). Weird? Maybe. Do you have any better suggestions?

Occasion: Running Errands
Maxi dress: Forever 21 {option, strapless, slit}
Sandals: Mix No. 6 via DSW {exact}

I went to Target yesterday to look at their phone selection. The problem is, I can't go to Target and not check out the clearance racks. I found this blazer on sale for $10.80! This is a great deal, yes, but the question is will I get a lot of wear out of this? Can I wear it year-round? How would you style it?

Chambray blazers: love them, or leave them?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graphic Tee Love

For my high school graduation party, I hung up all the t-shirts I had accumulated over the four years. Most came from the sports I played, others came from school events (like talent show, homecoming, etc). I think the count was up to 47. I still have a Rubbermaid tub full of tshirts, and a drawer full of fitted graphic tees. (This makes me sound awfully hoarder-ish, doesn't it?)

I've neglected my fitted graphic tees for a long time in order to wear the more stylish tops. While taking a break from blogging and not caring whether what I was wearing was stylish or not, I've been opting for tees much more. (I admittedly bought this one from Forever 21 last week after eying it for the past month.)

Tee: Charlotte Russe {love/want this one}
Shorts: Old Navy {same style}
Cardigan: Target {option}
Flip Flops: Old Navy {same style}

Slap a cartoon animal or animal print on a tee, and I'm sold. Seriously. It's a great weakness of mine.

I wore this "outfit" (with no intention of it being seen on the blog) for lunch with my husband and his brother. I added the cardigan because it was windy. We ended up going to the pet store and nature center, too. It was a great day, even if it wasn't the greatest outfit.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Regarding My Absence

Guess who's back? Hopefully back for good, but I can't make any promises.

Follow the jump for a long story about why I've been gone.
[Outfit posts to resume tomorrow.]
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