Thursday, April 4, 2013

So Last Fall

Is there a name for the phenomenon of taking months to wear a new purchase for the first time? Whatever you call the crime, I'm a repeat offender. I bought this shirt at the beginning of January and have neglected it until now. I had planned to wear an oxford/cardi combo with my 'crazy crops' today, but changed my mind at the last minute. Good thing I did. I can't believe it took so long to wear this top!

Occasion: Attending class
Shirt: The Limited {sim, sim, sim}
Crops: LOFT {sim, sim - save 30% w/code SUNSHINE}
Heels: Fast Love by Chinese Laundry via Macy's {exact

I feel like this outfit is a hodgepodge of last fall's trends. One of my colleagues told me that she saw this top in the big holiday edition of In Style. And remember when "oxblood" was the latest rage? Is it uncool to wear this color now? (For the record, I always thought they were burgundy.)

Call me so last fall, I don't care. I have a new favorite top.


  1. dang girl, looking good! so model-y yet normal...if that makes sense.

    also, MAROON will always be a great color, oxblood be damned. you know how i feel about that crap.

  2. Oooh, I love this! Burgundy/maroon is such a pretty and bold (and yet neutral) color! I love those pants on you, and your new shirt?? Awesome. I am excited to see all the ways you wear it!!

  3. I have a very similar top that I bought this past fall that has yet to be worn too! It's funny as I read more fashion blogs, I notice how quickly trends disappear. I do buy some trendy items but to me - colors are not trendy and should be worn as you see fit. Like how is black & white a spring trend? I have been wearing black and white for years. You look great!


  4. Even if it is, I think there will be a whole lot of us hanging out with you in our "uncool" burgundy clothes for sure. I love this classic black/white top!

  5. So cute! I don't think it's uncool to wear "last fall" colors. What's the point of buying something if you can't wear it all the time? I also hate the name oxblood. Burgundy it is :) You look great! Heather

  6. "Oxblood" was the name of last year's color fad. "Burgandy" is the name of a classic color that will always be stylish on those who like it/ look good in it.

  7. I want those maroon pants!!
    Jillian -

  8. They look Burgandy to me!
    That is a really great top. I bet you will find tons of uses for it now

  9. Why you waited so long totally baffles me! I love this top!! And I wish I could "like" Fran's comment because I feel the same way - those MAROON pants will always be in style, for sure!!

  10. YOU LOOK SO HOT. I've been wanting a shirt like this for ages! I saw them pop up everywhere this past fall and just never got around to getting one. I see them popping up this spring as well, in pastel type colors. Black & white is in this spring though, so this is still spring appropriate to me! And even those pants are fine, because it's not actually spring and still kind of winter because the weather refuses to creep up past 50 degrees, at least in Michigan. NO I'M NOT BITTER. Yes I am.

  11. i think you look great, and you should never stop wearing those pieces just because some magazine tells you they're 'old' trends. that is so, so silly!

  12. Wow, this is so stunning. I absolutely LOVE that shirt, and it looks so great with the pants and shoes.


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