Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reader Response Requested

I have had my eye on the Gap's Ponte two-button blazer for months, but was not willing to pay full price. It finally dropped down to a reasonable price (including promotion and a coupon I had). The only problem is that they were out of my size, so I went with a Tall, thinking a few extra inches wouldn't be a problem.

It seems to me that the sleeves are just too long. I am considering getting alterations. I called around, and the average price for sleeve shortening is $18. I spent $17.60 on the blazer. 

My questions for you are:
- Should I spend the $18 to get the sleeves shortened?
- Is this blazer worth $36? 
- Should I take my chances, send it back to be exchanged, and hope they find an extra one in stock? (I'm pretty sure this is impossible as you can see how few sizes they have left online.)
- Or should I just leave them be, and rely on pushing them up (since I rarely wear any full length sleeves at my wrists-- I generally fold/push up all full length sleeves). 

Additional information and concerns:
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color ... (but I also just bought this sweater in the same color)
- My summers here are HOT (so it won't get touched for a few months of the year).
- The lining is an ugly shade of tan, so I would not consider rolling the sleeves.
- I'm not sure what colors I can pair with it. Are there enough styling options? 
- Can I wear this in the winter?

 Thank you so much, I really, really appreciate your input!!


  1. I vote for having the sleeves altered. I would say that blazer is definitely worth $36! Also, P.S., I have that same blazer in bright pink, and the cuff of one sleeve came undone. (As in, the hemmed part is no longer hemmed. I guess I don't know the technical term.) Maybe getting yours altered right off that bat will prevent that from happening for you.

  2. I have sleeve issues as well and have just ended up rolling and cuffing the sleeves on my 3 blazers. If it looks okay that way, I'd say just go for wearing it that way. $36 for a blazer is still a pretty good deal if you think you'll get good wear out of it!

  3. Although the jacket is a pretty shade, I wouldn't waste my time altering the sleeves.

    It would cost more to have it done than what you paid for it, you said it wouldn't get worn much due to the weather, and you have a sweater in a similar color.

    After wasting so much money on things that I was going to "alter" and never did or didn't love them, I realized it's not worth it. Spend your money on something that you LOVE!


  4. First of all, I love this blazer! I have the gray and white striped version and it is great! My main question would be if there are enough ways to wear it. I have a purple velvet blazer, and I probably wear it once a year (of course, the velvet is part of that, because it seems weird in Spring).

    If you go into a Gap store, and get a competent worker, they can probably track down your correct size at another store, and then you can return the one in the store, and buy the one from the other store. You might have to pay shipping, but that would be better than $18 for alterations. They just need to try different zip codes in the search parameters, and it will search in the closest stores.

    I had to to that at Old Navy for a coat about a year ago. It took them probably 20 minutes to track it down, but then I got my coat in the mail about 3 days later, and just had to pay about $5 for shipping.

    Good luck!!

  5. I was going to say roll up the sleeves, but then I read your additional information. I probably wouldn't spend the same amount on alterations as the blazer, but it all depends on how much use you will get out of it.

    Another option is opening a completely free debit card at Nordstrom. It is basically just a debit card that you can use at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, and it automatically takes the money that you spend on that card straight out of your checking account. Hassle free! (The best part is- you gather points every time you buy something, and they send you $20 free every time you accumulate a certain amount of points). When you sign up for that card, they give you $100 worth of free alterations each year. It doesn't even have to be on clothing that you buy at Nordstrom! That is just an option if you really don't want to spend the money but you ideally want it altered. Hope that helped.

    Xo, Amanda


  6. Any good-fitting blazer is worth $36 to me, but I'd honestly probably just find myself pushing the sleeves up. I'm actually wearing a blazer today where the sleeves are too long but I just roll them up to my elbows. The blazer doesn't have a print on the inside so it doesn't look fantastic, but it gets the job done. I usually will just add an extra accessory like a belt around my waist or an eye-catching necklace to try to divert attention from my plain, rolled-up blazer sleeves. You say it's an ugly shade of tan inside, but it looked cute to me on the website! But if ya don't like it, ya don't like it. All of this to say I vote pushing the sleeves up. Because I'm cheap and thrifty.

    I also think you could wear it in the winter. Probably with black pants/skinny jeans and a pair of riding boots or something to that effect.

  7. Well, I agree that if you love it, it is definitely worth $36 with alterations. $36 for a blazer that you love and will get a lot of wear out of is a good deal.

    I know me though, and if I had as many questions about it as you do, I'd probably just try to return it to find if there is my size somewhere out there. If there is, amazing! And if not, then maybe it just wasn't meant to be (this time!)

    It really is a pretty jacket, though. So tough call.

  8. $17 is a good price, but if alterations cost more than the cost of the blazer, I'd just wear it with the sleeves rolled up. It seems like it's a pretty casual color and seeing that it's ponte, I would be rolling up the sleeves anyway.

    1. Oh, just saw that the lining is ugly, umm.... then push them up.

      Yes, it works for winter. It's a pretty color, and if you really like it, you should keep it. If you had paid full price for it, I'd say it wouldn't be worth it, but you got a really good deal for a well made blazer (Forever 21 blazers cost more than that, yet significantly crappier quality) so I'd vote that you keep it and just work around the long sleeve issue for now. If you find you end up hating having to push them up every time you wear them, then go get the alterations done later.

  9. I think if you are just going to push them up anyway then leave them unaltered. Too bad the lining is ugly though because the outside is SO CUTE. I'm not a big pastel person but I feel I could be for this blazer.

    yeah that sounds like a pick up line.

  10. The sleeves would make me crazy and I think that this jacket is still a great deal for $36. However, if you are struggling with forking over another $18, then just leave the sleeves. As you said, you can always just push them up. If you have a long sleeve shirt underneath you can roll it over to hide the tan lining.

    I think that this color is great and very versatile! It's going to look great with deeper shades of purple, magenta, navy, white, khaki, black and certain shades of grey. I think teal, green & red can offer really interesting accents as well.

    I'm actually going to try and find this jacket in one of my local Gap stores because I have so many navy items in my wardrobe and I think this will look great paired with many of them!! Thanks!!


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