Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oops.. I Wore it Again

There were a few items I had planned to wear last month for No Longer Neglected, but what do you know, I ended up neglecting them. Two items in particular I have never featured on this blog include my bird scarf and a cold shoulder tee (dumb name, but that's what it was called online). The purchase of the cold shoulder tee was entirely impulsive. I saw a girl wear the same one in green, and had to have it. Plus, I thought cut out shoulders were the cutest thing ever. 

Come to think of it, the bird scarf was an impulsive purchase, too. I have a weakness for anything with animals on it, so when I saw this scarf, I said, "Yes, please!" Unfortunately that attitude was left behind and never made it home.

 Occasion: Attending Class
Top: The Limited {option, option, similar}
Cardigan: Merona via Target {this year's version}
Scarf: The Limited {option, option, option}
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Wedges: Melinda by Merona via Target {same style}

Somehow I have managed to avoid wearing both items. In my defense, the cold shoulder tee shows off bra straps, and the scarf doesn't match well with other colors. Or so I thought. Today I put on a tank top with thicker straps under the tee, and that took care of the bra strap issue. I incidentally threw the scarf onto a pile of clothes; the white cardigan I wore on Sunday was at the top of the pile. Apparently a scarf with white birds on it will match with a white cardigan. Who would have thought? 

I'm not sure these wedges were the best choice. I frequently have a hard time deciding what shoes to wear. For example, I found the same style wedges in teal on sale at Target (for $8!) a few weeks ago and I found a very similar style wedge in navy blue on sale at Payless (for $9!) last weekend. Clearly I don't need that many pairs of wedges, especially since I also have a pair of black and cognac wedges to add to the list. Or can you never have too many shoes? The teal and navy wedges are both comfortable and cute, but is that enough? Should I keep one, both, or neither? What is your method for deciding whether to keep a pair of shoes or not? And what is your method for deciding what shoes to wear on any given day?


  1. Um, I tend to keep all the shoes! I would say for those prices, you should keep both of them.

  2. I LOVE that scarf! I just ordered a horse scarf and am so excited to wear it! I need to do this no longer neglected thing bad... I wear the same things over and over again haha.

  3. A woman can never have enough shoes! Or at least that's how I justify another pair of shoes. For me to decide what shoes to wear - really depends which ones I can find. Isn't that horrible - that I am so unorganized! I am sure there are a lot of my shoes that are being neglected.


  4. Well, I believe you can never have too many shoes, but I am a shoe whore so I am not a good person to ask, lol! For the price you paid, I say keep them. Your bird scarf is awesome too!

    What did you decide to do about the lilac blazer?

  5. I really like the scarf and I think its good that it is no longer neglected :) I think it would also work out great with a dark blue/ white outfit.
    I tend to buy way too many clothes but usually I am quite good with not byuing too many shoes (probabaly I have no good storage-place for shoes ;))


  6. That scarf is so adorable. I can't believe you neglected it for so long! It looks like it's the perfect weight for Spring!

  7. You look so cute! I love your style.

  8. Cute casual outfit, I like it! Great blog.

  9. horray for wearing the bird scarf! is it like a pea green or yellow-green? i really like that shade but then again, i have scarves in my collection that don't seem to "go" with anything so i totally know where you are coming from!

    oh, and i'm pretty sure i will never have enough shoes until i have a pair of heels, wedges, and flats in every color of the rainbow. :) okay, maybe that's a bit overkill but i love both target & payless wedges, so i say keep 'em all!


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