Monday, April 29, 2013

Navy Camel

I want to thank those of you who commented on Thursday for your kind words. I guess we really are our own worst critics. I should note that I felt comfortable in the cobalt skirt, I just felt it photographed terribly and was embarrassed by how awful the fit of the skirt appeared in the photographs (through my eyes, at least).

The only problem I have with this skirt is that it doesn't hide the fact that I overindulged in mashed potatoes tonight for dinner. Whoops. (I guess it says something about me when I prioritize food above outfit picture taking, haha. Don't worry blog photos, food ranks above almost everything else.)

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Top: The Limited {last worn here}
Necklace: via Amazon {same style, w/other colors, all < $10)
Skirt: The Limited {similar, cute option}
Heels: Anne Klein via DSW {same style}

I actually thought of pairing this top and necklace together months ago, (and photographed the combination) but completely forgot about it until I found the picture on my computer while I was looking for an attendance spreadsheet.

I put the blazer on this morning for the ride to work (since it was only 60 degrees outside at 7am). I had no intention of wearing the blazer once I got into the building, but I'm sure glad I brought it. I needed it because it the a/c was cranked in the classrooms. Can you say happenstance?

Have you had any fortunate coincidences lately?


  1. Ha ha! Food always takes priority over just about everything for me, including blog photos :) Mashed potatoes sound good right now!

    This is a great color combo Kate. It's very polished and professional. The blazer adds a fun pop of color. Love this! Heather

  2. Oh gosh, too funny! I try to remember to take pictures first, then eat all the dinner! Those colors all look really great together!

  3. I really like the pop of color with the blazer. Too funny on the food thing - I try to take my pictures in the morning before I eat my breakfast & I haven't sat down and feel all wrinkly. It always drives me nuts but I know it's reality. Just curious - did you work at The Limited too? I have the same skirt with the jacket and I don't think I've paired it with navy - I really like it!


  4. Kate...I have felt the exact same way you have. I wear an outfit, looks fine in mirror, wear it the whole day....then I take pics....and....yes....the camera is a definite BULLY! And we are so our worst critics! You my friend are beautiful! I love that purple blazer:)!

  5. You look amazing! Love the color of your blazer! :)

  6. One of your most beautiful combinations this year - I mean it. I prefer it with the blazer, actually. =)

    Dear Kate - whose Style I adore - if you like there is still time for you to E-Mail me a Birthday Outfit for my BDay Blog Party by this Saturday. I will run the post on Sunday May 5th and I ask that you link back to my blog for that particular post, either Sunday, the previous day or the next time you post after Sunday. My EMail is

    Thanks, Ms. Kate.

    Ada. =)

  7. Haha, you definitely have your priorities right - food always comes first!

    Love the navy/camel combo - it's super classy. I really like that navy top - I pretty much wear nice tees with skirts all summer and I don't have a navy tee yet - I think I might need one!

  8. I love the length of the sleeves on this top - super flattering!!! And food is definitely higher on my list too!

  9. Not only do I love your blazer, but those HEELS! OMG! I absolutely love them, and I'm not a heels girl!! You look perfectly professional and gorgeous :)


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