Monday, April 15, 2013


Monday mornings are rough for me since I have to wake up so early. I was considering wearing a skirt today, but my black crops were calling for me. I can't believe I forgot just how comfortable they are. I don't know what it is about having bare ankles that makes me feel at ease, but I'm a fan.

Maybe I should hack off a couple inches from all of my pants. (Okay, maybe not.)

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Shirt: J. Crew Factory (c/o Mom) {same style}
Cardigan: Old Navy {similar}
Crops: The Limited {option - 50% off today}
Flats: Merona via Target {exact}

I know there are problems with this outfit. I could list them, but I'd rather not draw attention to the flaws. Instead, let's embrace ankle pants and easy, effortless outfits like today's. What kind of outfits are easy and effortless for you? Do you have a formula for putting together something that is both stylish and comfortable?


  1. Well I think this outfit is great! Crops are my favorite and the polka dot cardi is cute!

  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with this outfit! It is classic, but has such fun elements like polka dots and ankle-length pants! I really really like this!

  3. Your crops look like they are just the right length. =) I am loving the polka dots + bright blue on you, too!

    Avec Amber

  4. Cute, Kate! I love it! The bright shirt is perfect with the classic crops and polka dots :) You are just darling all the time.

    I have two "go to" outfits: skinny jeans (black or blue) with a cute top and cardigan and scarf/necklace and flats OR a dress with boots or flats, fun jewelry, a belt, etc. I'm most comfortable in dresses and my black skinny jeans :)

  5. This is a great outfit. Polka dots and cropped pants are always a winner. My formula is a pencil skirt or cropped pants for warm weathef or a blazer, boots and jeans for cooler weather.

  6. Ankle pants are my favorite! I don't see anything wrong with this outfit! I love the polka dot cardigan with the bright blue blouse, perfect color combo!

  7. I have 3 colors of jeggings from walmart that are always my go to. Pair it with a white top and a scarf and badabing baby! It's perf.
    Love your outfit by the way :)

  8. I need more cropped pants in my life, including a pair of Dressy ones. You know where I will be looking lol (The Limited, also at Express). Love the Polka Dot Cardigan with the Bright Blue button-down.

    Check out my latest post where I featured your maxi skirt look from last week.

    Have a Lovely Week, Ada. =)

  9. Problems with this outfit?? Where - it's a great look! I love the bright shirt paired with the the polka dot sweater. I love crop pants but like to wear them more with wedges / heels than flats. I feel like my legs are chopped when I wear flats with crops.


  10. simple amazing style!
    love your site, hope you follow back <3

  11. I don't think there are problems with this outfit. I think it is cute. A statement necklace is the only thing that I would suggest. The polka dot cardigan is so cute with this outfit too. I need one! (okay, I don't need anything but I want it!)


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  12. I'm not seeing any flaws the pop of color with the polka dots!! You nailed my go-to outfit (pants short enough to wear flats, a crisp button down, and a blazer)!


  13. Hi, I just wanted to say that it has been a long time since I was here. My life can't ever catchup it seems. Great comfy outfit, and I like your items brake-down list.


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