Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy Crops

I start my mornings with a cup of black coffee. I sit in the same seat in class (and I get ticked when someone takes my seat). I put a leash on my younger dog before putting one on my older dog when taking them outside. I shop counter-clockwise when I go to Kohl's (but clockwise at Target). I request that my salad dressing be on the side. I'm a creature of habit.

I think it is good to break out of our habits and try something new. Sometimes, just for the sake of doing something different, I'll get chicken and steak at Chipotle instead of Barbacoa beef, or I'll put conditioner on before shampoo. Just kidding.

Occasion: Attending Lecture
Shirt: Banana Republic - gift {option, sim, sim}
Cardigan: The Limited {boyfriend option}
Crops: The Limited {similarish}
Wedges: Kylie by Dexter via Payless {same style}

Today I'm trying something new by wearing what I have dubbed "my crazy crops". I have a few pairs of printed pants, but they are all so subtle (black floral, purple animal print, blue polka dot). I was inspired to pair a matching cardigan with these crops after I had seen Emily at A Devine Life do the same. Have you tried anything different recently?

Another crazy thing I did recently was buy this pair of shoes from The Limited. They are much more vivid purplish-blue in person. My mom generously gave me her $20 mailer, putting these puppies at $9 (they were on sale last week). They are surprisingly comfortable, but I'm not sure how to style them. Do you have bold colored shoes? How do you style them?

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! First of all it's purple and second I love color and this look is right up my alley. As far as the shoes, I like the neutral ones. The print is great on the crops, so the neutral shoes let them shine.

    Although, those blue/purple shoes are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how you style them. I would wear them with a basic white tee and some jeans. Heather

  2. Super cute!! I love your list of habits - I'm definitely not a creature of habit in any of those ways...but definitely am with clothing!

  3. I shall now start calling you "Crazy Pants." Just kidding. Or maybe I will.

    Did you chop your hair, or is it just pulled back?

  4. Love the look!

  5. omg I used to get so mad when people would take my seat that I sat in every single lecture. like staring daggers at them. I SAT THERE ALL SEMESTER, GO AWAY.

    and i don't think i could ever switch up my chipotle order. I have it perfected. steak fajita mild salsa guac sour cream extra lettuce. ITS PERFECTION.

    ok enough about my neurosis. i like these pants. a lot. please give them to me. send them to me and a chanel purse. thanks.

  6. I love the crazy crops! :) I always think it's fun to pair shoes with contrasting colors. I'm not sure what would work well with that cobalt shade - maybe a yellow, or what about a dark green or even teal? If I do a pairing like that though, I tend to keep the pants pretty tame, typically going with just black dress pants.

    Jess - J's Style

  7. i have to be honest, i myeslf have not been drawn to try a pair of printed pants and i never thought i would care to, but as soon as i saw your picture i thought, "YES" maybe it's just the print or the great belted cardigan, but i love this outfit! maybe i should break out of my own habits and try on a pair of printed pants now!

  8. I love the way you put this together. The solid tops balance out the "crazy" crops (which are so fun by the way!) I've never been on board myself with printed jeans but I've seen a lot of great patterned pants and I'd really like to try them out to see if I can make them work.

  9. Love those printed pants. The bravest i get to wearing printed pants is wearing polka legging jeans from the Gap. Following you on bloglovin. I'm hosting a link up this Thursday April 11, show me your favorite spring trend. I'm also doing a giveaway: a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic. Would love to see you at the link up and have you enter the contest.


  10. I love patterned bottoms but I just feel like I'm too old to pull them off
    They look great on you :)

  11. Thanks for the shout out! You look adorable. I LOVE those pants!!


  12. Love your pants - like you - I only have some very subtle printed pants but haven't been bold enough to wear total print pants yet. This is a great outfit and I think you did a great job with them!

    As for your new shoes - keep them :) I wear my cobalt blue shoes all the time. I can't get enough of them. Whenever I wear bright shoes, I tend to keep the rest of my outfit pretty mellow. I love to draw attention to the shoes.


  13. I love that you're trying new things! This outfit is so pretty, Kate! I love the printed pants with the cardigan! I agree....we all need to step out of our comfort zone...even if that means ordering something different:)!

  14. I love those crops! For the bright blue shoes- I like to combine bright blue with dark blue. I never combine it with black cause I think its easily looks a little trashy ;)
    Can't wait to see how you are going to style them :)


  15. loving these colors on you. the berry colors are so classic & with a a great white top . . . so chic!
    plus, love finding a great deal on shoes! never would have thought to look at the limited!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  16. You look fabulous in those trousers Kate!! I found since I started my blog I've gone out of my comfort zone a few times. Some times I liked it, other times I didn't. I definitely know now I love printed trousers! :P You look great :) xo

  17. Great outfit! And I love the shoes - I have seen them in several outfits and would love to track down a pair!


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