Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blue Jean Baby

I really wanted to wear my denim jacket yesterday, but I have a thing about not being able to wear the same item on the same day of the week twice in a row. So since I wore the jacket last Tuesday, I couldn't wear it yesterday. But I could wear it today, and I did!

I knew I wanted to pair it with my floral shirt, and debut my $8 teal wedges, but I hadn't figured out the pants part. In a rush this morning, I threw on my skinny jeans, put my shoes on, grabbed my bag, and headed out the door.

It wasn't until I was already on campus that I realized that I was wearing denim on denim. [facepalm]

When I got home, my husband said to me, "A jean jacket? Who even wears those anymore?" 
Me: Have you not been on any fashion blogs lately?
Husband: No. Of course not. Anyway, you look like a kindergartener from the 90s.

Occasion: Attending Lecture
Shirt: Old Navy {exact}
Jacket: Mossimo via Target {exact, sim1, sim2, sim3, sim4}
Jeans: The Limited {similar}
Wedges: Melinda by Merona via Target {same style}

What do you think about wearing (dark blue) jeans with a denim jacket? Too much, right? Or have I managed to get away with it?

Thanks to everyone who offered input on the wedges and/or lilac blazer. Obviously I've decided to keep the teal wedges. Now that I know how different they look in natural lighting, I'll be much more inclined to wear these babies out more often. Plus, they are really comfortable. (I just have to get some ankle grips since my heels keep popping out.) I haven't decided about the navy wedges, but I have time to decide. 

As far as the lilac blazer goes, Andi pointed out to me that the associates in store can track down other sizes better (greater range) than the online system. I just have to make some calls and see if I can get it for less than $30 (since shipping is $7), otherwise it's a wash.


  1. Noooo definitely not too much! I think you look great! Seriously. I'm thinking maybe if the jean jacket and the jeans were the same color, it would be too much, but the contrast is great. Jean on jean is in, though when I first starting seeing it around, I was horrified. I've sloooowly embraced it.

  2. You look awesome! I love the denim jacket, I love the denim on denim, and I love your first photo :) This is a great spring look. Who cares what the hubby says, mine always makes some sort of smart ass comment on a regular basis about my outfit, lol! Heather

  3. This outfit totally works! Because the denim washes are so totally different you don't have to worry. I really love the floral top, and it's a good thing you kept those shoes, they are so pretty!

  4. I would always recommend against wearing denim on denim, but those jeans are seriously, seriously dark, and it actually looks great. So I suppose this outfit is the exception. :) I like it! Also, I think pretty much anyone who doesn't read fashion blogs doesn't realize that jean jackets are back in. A girl spotted me wearing mine at work and said "Oh wow, I just gave my jean jacket to the Salvation Army cuz I figured it'd never be stylish." And the way she looked at me let me know she still thought it wasn't stylish. BUT WHO'S THE STYLE BLOGGER, HM!? Us. I believe that gives us the highest accreditation.*high five*

  5. As if looking like a kindergartener from the 90s is a bad thing? Husbands should really be required to read fashion blogs so they know what is up!

    I think the denim jacket with jeans is usually something to avoid, but as the other commenters have said - the jeans are so dark that I think this looks pretty good. Plus the different blue of the floral top helps balance out the double denim. When I saw the little picture in my reader, I thought you were wearing a denim shirt, too. Triple denim!!

  6. I like it! I think since chambray has made it's appearance and is becoming more mainstream that I accept the "canadian tuxedo" a lot more. Maybe it's because I read a shitload of blogs (too many really) but I think this outfit is adorable for a 20 some woman. and of course a toddler but ya know...

  7. I think you did great on the denim on denim style! I like it!

    Also, I just read your prior post regarding those Target wedges and... I have the exact same pair as the teal above... plus the grey (in your prior post)... PLUS a fuschia pair... all the exact same! So really you can't have too many pairs of wedges. hahaha...Plus like you said they're super comfy and I just couldn't get over the price! ;)

    xo – Sheila
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  8. What a funny story :) I think this outfit is totally cute. What do guys know about fashion anyway lol

  9. It's something I would totally never put together but I absolutely love it! Can I borrow that outfit tomorrow? Please and thank you ;)

  10. My hubby is the same way in making comments about my clothes now that he takes my photos. I think the denim on denim is a do and it looks great! You did a great job!


  11. Love your pretty shoes!!! gorgeous color!!

  12. so cute! love all the blues together! i have those same shoes and a pair in grey and wear them all the time!!!

  13. i didn't even notice at first that your pants were denim. i think it helps that they are two contrasting shades and the fun floral shirt helps too. i love this look!

  14. I typically realllly don't like the denim on denim look, but I LOVE THIS. I think it works since your jeans are super dark, your jacket is a little lighter, and your shirt breaks it up a little bit. You're adorable, by the way.


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