Monday, April 22, 2013

Bare Legs and a Navy Blazer

Navy blazer, again?! Blame it on Lynette. Her navy blazer debacle made me realize that I had been neglecting my navy blazer for too long. So I wore it last week. And I loved the way it looked with the top. Then I remembered how much I actually like the blazer, despite it being a touch too small, difficulty to style at times, and in desperate need of a dry clean. (There's a very good chance that the lapel was stained by icing. Or maybe ice cream. Mmmm... ice cream.)

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Top: The Limited {also seen here}
Blazer: The Limited {spend, similar, save}
Belt: Forever 21 {sim, option, reversible}
Skirt: The Limited {similar, peplum, skort}
Heels: Comfort Plus by Predictions via Payless {exact}

Are you jealous of my bare legs? The forecast called for 65 degrees today and 40 degrees tomorrow. After a weekend of being in shorts (double header soccer games), I was ready for bare legs. Plus, I shaved above my calves. I don't know about you, but I hate hiding freshly shaved legs. In what temperature do you start wearing skirts?

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  1. Oooh I love this! I'm planning to wear my neglected navy blazer this week too! I'll be wearing it with ankle pants (it's not weird that I've already planned out this week's outfits, right?) but I have a skirt just like this and can't wait to put them together now!

  2. Hahaha, I too hate hiding bare legs! If I went to the effort to shave, I mean, I've got to show that off, right?!

    Love this look, Kate. It's very collegial, but also very stylish. Embrace that navy blazer - it's awesome!

  3. Ha ha! I hate shaving so anytime I shave it's time for a celebration of bare legs :)

    This is a great blazer, especially paired with that pink skirt. Navy and pink always looks great together! Enjoy the nice weather :) Heather

  4. I usually get belligerent about the weather and try bare legs way before the weather really allows for it, and then I feel foolish all day, and then I do that every few weeks for most of March-April. Yesterday was warm enough, but we expect snow tomorrow.

    Question: how comfortable are your shoes? I really need new ones, because mine are looking pretty rough, but I want them to be comfortable, because I wear them a lot! (also, the first review for those shoes is awkward! I can't imagine a scenario where I would make my husband wear high heels around the house!)

  5. Loving this outfit. The skirt is gorgeous. Following you via Bloglovin. I'm doing a great stella & dot giveaway and i'm hosting a link up this thursday April 25. Would love it if you joined and followed me via bloglovin.


  6. What a super classy and put together outfit! I love the pink skirt and blue blazer.

  7. I have so many blazers but I don't own a navy one. I definitely need to get one!

  8. Haha, I've been strategically shaving up to mid-calf to be able to wear ankle pants, but it hasn't been warm enough consistently yet to feel brave enough for bare legs! Those color combinations are perfect by the way!

    Jess - J's Style

  9. Such a great look on you! I love your pop of color skirt and navy blazer!


  10. I LOVE THESE COLORS TOGETHER! so fresh and so clean!

    I still haven't had to shave my legs. I get my ankles so it's not gross and then I just don't care since Chris is 3 hours away...and even if he was here, meh. SORRY BOYFRIEND, YOU WILL LOVE ME LIKE THIS OR NOT AT ALL.

  11. Too funny about your comment about shaving. I am very blessed in being almost hairless on my legs & arms - I have not shaved since high school when I was feeling "grown up" by shaving. Love your classy look!


  12. You look super professional but cute, Kate! I really like this look. I always love the look of a navy blazer, but I think it would be tough for me to style...I am drawn to navy but have a hard time figuring out how the heck to wear it!! I like how you've styled it, though :)


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