Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Scarf and a Skirt

I have no sense of time. I can tell you how long I think an activity may take, and it will be remarkably far off of how long it actually takes. I also cannot tell you how much time has elapsed between T1 and T2; what seems like a minute and a half to me is actually closer to five minutes. 

I have a similar problem with weather. The forecast called for 70 degrees and rain. I figured I would be fine if I had a maxi skirt to keep me cool, and paired it with a scarf to keep me warm. Odd combination? Maybe to you, but not to someone who doesn't know what 70 degrees feels like.

Occasion: Attending Class
Shirt: Old Navy {similar, color options}
Safari Jacket: The Limited {similarish, option}
Scarf: The Limited
Skirt: The Limited {exact}
Flats: Heaven by Steve Madden {exact}

I was inspired by Newly Loved when I saw her pair a striped maxi skirt with a military jacket. I wish I had a military jacket, but I can't justify buying one when I have this safari jacket (which I am not crazy about). It is very light, and its sleeves are obnoxiously short. Don't even get me started on the faux pockets. I wish I would have noticed these faults before making the purchase, but since I didn't, I have to make do. I may not have a sense of time or weather, but at least I have a sense of sensibility (or the lack thereof).

Do you have any clothes that fall short of expectations? Do you cast these things aside, or do you find ways to incorporate them into your outfits?


  1. Love this combo! I would have never thought to pair it with purple but I love how it turned out!

    Xo, Amanda


  2. Haha, I'm pretty bad about the weather, too. The other day I asked my husband if it being 49 degrees out at night was too cold to go camping in a tent. Apparently it is? I also decided that our weather this morning (45 degrees) was warm enough for open-toed shoes. It most certainly was NOT.

    I am pretty rigid about the clothes that I buy, so I do notice fake pockets, poor quality, whether I can iron it/wash it myself, etc. But I'm really, really bad at choosing pieces that I like *AND* work well in my closet. I am ashamed to admit how many pieces of clothing I've purchased just in the last six months that I don't feel work well for me and just sit in my closet. I just don't understand what is going through my mind at the time when I buy them. I wore a shirt to work today that, when I bought it 4 months ago, I thought OMG GONNA WEAR THIS EVERY DAY. And then today was the second time I wore it ever, and I still wasn't crazy about it (it'll probably be on the blog tomorrow or the next day). Meh. I try so hard to figure out what my closet needs but have a hard time figuring out what I actually need.

    By the way, who knew olive green and lavender were a match made in heaven? Not me! Super cute!

  3. Amy! I love the green utility jacket and how you belted it! It looks so pretty with the lavender top and striped maxi!

  4. Bummer about your jacket - from the pictures - it looks great. I have worn a maxi skirt with a scarf before - it's a great transition combo. If it's too warm - just take off the scarf right ;)


  5. I hear you on the weather. I either overdress or underdress for the weather. This outfit is perfect for 70 degrees though. Although you don't care much for your jacket, I like it belted over the maxi. This is a really cute outfit! Heather

  6. I am ruthless about things that don't fit or flatter how I like. It is either returned, sold on ebay or donated.

  7. I've gotten much better about the purchases I'm making. I used to buy things because simply because I liked the way they looked, even if they looked crappy on me. Or I'd try to convince myself that something I loved lots and lots on the hanger/mannequin/someone else looked just as good on me, even if it was ill-fitting, not suited to my body, not my style, or impractical. I've started making much better choices, now! I almost bought a pair of red cropped dress pants a couple of weeks ago, because I liked the color, style, and price, but they looked terrible on me and were uncomfortable. Rather than buying them (even though I've been looking for fun pants like that) for the wrong reasons, I put them back on the rack for the right reasons.


  8. I am always misjudging the weather too! It is especially hard here in Colorado wince it changes to extremes so often (like 70 this past weekend, full on blizzard yesterday!) Anyway, I think you look adorable and love the striped maxi!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah


  9. I love the layering of this outfit. I have some similar pieces so I am pinning this for inspiration!

    Aubree from look.feel.be

  10. love this outfit! The layering is perfect!

    wiww wandering...



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