Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My First Time Wearing White Jeans

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you sunny days, wear white jeans. 

No, but seriously, today was a gorgeous day. Although I may have been dressed like it was ten degrees cooler than it was, I thought why not give my new white jeans a spin? Like I do with every item I am about to debut, I say to myself, how am I going to style this? For some reason, I feel like the debut has to be a "ta-da" event. Is that weird? Yeah, probably. Is it weird that I'm having a conversation with myself as I type? Yes.

 Occasion: Attending Class
Lace Top: Moda via MJR Sales {nearly identical}
Denim Jacket: Mossimo via Target {exact}
White Crops: Apt. 9 via Kohl's {exact}
Sandals: Merona via Target {this year's version}

I'll admit that I was inspired by copied this pin. I pinned it when I did because I loved the lace and denim jacket combo. While I was scrolling through my boards this morning, I realized that I loved the lace, denim jacket, and white denim combo. So I wore them all. I passed on the heels... because that's how I roll.

Do you have white jeans? What's your favorite way to style them?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Navy Camel

I want to thank those of you who commented on Thursday for your kind words. I guess we really are our own worst critics. I should note that I felt comfortable in the cobalt skirt, I just felt it photographed terribly and was embarrassed by how awful the fit of the skirt appeared in the photographs (through my eyes, at least).

The only problem I have with this skirt is that it doesn't hide the fact that I overindulged in mashed potatoes tonight for dinner. Whoops. (I guess it says something about me when I prioritize food above outfit picture taking, haha. Don't worry blog photos, food ranks above almost everything else.)

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Top: The Limited {last worn here}
Necklace: via Amazon {same style, w/other colors, all < $10)
Skirt: The Limited {similar, cute option}
Heels: Anne Klein via DSW {same style}

I actually thought of pairing this top and necklace together months ago, (and photographed the combination) but completely forgot about it until I found the picture on my computer while I was looking for an attendance spreadsheet.

I put the blazer on this morning for the ride to work (since it was only 60 degrees outside at 7am). I had no intention of wearing the blazer once I got into the building, but I'm sure glad I brought it. I needed it because it the a/c was cranked in the classrooms. Can you say happenstance?

Have you had any fortunate coincidences lately?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

At My Most Vulnerable

I'll be the first to say it: this skirt does not fit. When I put it on this morning, it felt fine, and it looked fine in the mirror. But then I went to school, came back, took my outfit pictures, and was mortified. Either the mirror is a liar, or the camera is a bully.

After I saw the pictures, I had a few options:
1) Not post at all today
2) Photoshop (altering the image)
3) Crop (to hide the skirt)
4) Post picture as is

I choose to post. Here's the real me, walls down and all. I'm making myself vulnerable. So tell me to put this skirt away until I lose eight pounds, tell me that you can relate, tell me what's on your mind.

The thing is, I really like this outfit. I just hate the way it looks on me. I almost broke down to my husband after I saw the pictures. (Talk about self-consciousness at its worst.) I know we all have our insecurities. I have a long and pointy nose ("prominent" says my husband) but I've accepted it. I haven't, however, accepted the way I currently look in this skirt, and am incredibly insecure about it. (The skirt wasn't a "bad purchase"-- I've just gained weight since I bought it.) How do you handle your insecurities? Do you try to conceal them as much as possible, or do you embrace them? Will you wear clothes that you love, even if they don't fit you like they once did?

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Class
Cardigan: The Limited {similar}
Scarf: The Limited {floral option}
Belt: Forever 21 {similar}
Skirt: The Limited {sim, sim, sim}
Heels: Predictions via Payless {exact}

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun with Color

Since my outfit was so dark yesterday, I opted for brighter colors today. I chose black pants and black flats to keep the brighter colors concentrated in one area, and to try to balance the outfit. Does this outfit work as is? If not, what would improve it?

Occasion: Attending Lecture
Shirt: American Eagle (c/o Mom) {similar}
Cardigan: J. Crew {similar}
Necklace: via Groopdealz
Pants: LOFT {exact}
Flats: Merona via Target {exact}

After I put the necklace on, I realized that the color combination reminded me of this pin as well as  this outfit from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere. I didn't put my outfit together with these pins in mind, so it makes me wonder whether there is such thing as subconscious inspiration? Have you put together an outfit only to realize that you've seen it somewhere before?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Black and Leopard

Getting dressed today was a chore, to say the least. I stood staring at my clothes, but nothing called my name. So I began trying outfits on. Everything looked sloppy, lame, or like I was trying too hard. I was ready to settle on a baggy white sweater, but when I looked into the mirror, I felt like I was on What Not to Wear. All that was missing was Clinton's snark.

Eventually an outfit came together  I found myself wearing pants, shoes, and a top. Some days, that's all you can really ask for. It's not my best outfit, but it's not a disaster. Little victories.

Occasion: Attending Class
Top: The Limited {cowlneck option}
Belt: Target {exact}
Jeans: The Limited {similar}
Flats: Christian Siriano via Payless {option}

Can we also talk about Target for a moment? I went this morning and like usual, made my way to the 70% off rack. That's when I spotted three blazers, each priced at $3.06. I kid you not. I tried them on, and couldn't decide which to buy... so I bought them all. Whoops.

I was so excited to wear one of them today. But when I got home and tried the blazers on again, they all fit horribly. I got an XS and Small in grey, Small in black - the smalls were huge. What was I thinking?! Was I blinded by the price? Probably. But how do you turn down a $3 blazer? Exactly. You don't. So who wants a blazer?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bare Legs and a Navy Blazer

Navy blazer, again?! Blame it on Lynette. Her navy blazer debacle made me realize that I had been neglecting my navy blazer for too long. So I wore it last week. And I loved the way it looked with the top. Then I remembered how much I actually like the blazer, despite it being a touch too small, difficulty to style at times, and in desperate need of a dry clean. (There's a very good chance that the lapel was stained by icing. Or maybe ice cream. Mmmm... ice cream.)

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Top: The Limited {also seen here}
Blazer: The Limited {spend, similar, save}
Belt: Forever 21 {sim, option, reversible}
Skirt: The Limited {similar, peplum, skort}
Heels: Comfort Plus by Predictions via Payless {exact}

Are you jealous of my bare legs? The forecast called for 65 degrees today and 40 degrees tomorrow. After a weekend of being in shorts (double header soccer games), I was ready for bare legs. Plus, I shaved above my calves. I don't know about you, but I hate hiding freshly shaved legs. In what temperature do you start wearing skirts?

[Linking up with Molly]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work Floral!

Today I am linking up with Tara of Mix and Match Fashion for What I Wore to Work and Bri from Work Clothes, I Suppose for Third Thursday Threads. Bri set spring florals as today's theme. I have had this image pinned for quite some time now (via My Closet to Yours), and I decided Bri's link up would be the perfect opportunity to finally wear this blazer with a floral print.

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Class
Blazer: Gap {same style, option}
Floral Tank: Old Navy {similar, similar, peplum option}
Pants: The Limited {option, similar}
Heels: Anne Klein via DSW {same style}

And yes, I did something with my hair today. I generally opt for leaving it down or putting in a ponytail. Sorry I didn't get any pictures, but the look was inspired by Kayley from Sidewalk Ready. You can see how it turned out if you watch her dirty hair tutorial. I thought I would give it a shot to try something different; she claimed it was really easy-- and it was! I may not be able to use a curling iron, but I can twist my hair and stick some bobby pins in it! Have you come across any really easy (under 5 minute) hair tutorials lately?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My First Time Wearing Boyfriend Jeans

I bought this top last month when Loft was running a "take an additional 50% off sale items" promotion. It was too cute to pass up, even if it wasn't a perfect fit (it's a petite-- and as far as I know, 5'7" isn't petite?). I've been waiting for the perfect spring day to wear it, but that day has yet to come.

Then again, maybe it has. Maybe a rainy day is the perfect day for parrots.

Top: Loft {option, option}
Blazer: The Limited {similar, option, save}
Jeans: Apt. 9 via Kohl's {exact}
Wedges: Merona via Target {same style, tall option}

I'm honestly not sure if these even qualify as boyfriend jeans. When you've got thighs the size of tree trunks, it's nearly impossible to find jeans that fit in the waist and are relaxed everywhere else. I thought they looked fine, but as I look at these pictures, they just look baggy. I'd love to know what you think of these jeans (fit, style, etc.)! 

Do you have boyfriend jeans? How do you style them? I think the most difficult part is deciding what shoe to wear with them. Must they always be worn with heels, or can they be paired with flats?

[Linking up with The Pleated Poppy]

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Leopard Goes a Long Way

For the past 30 hours or so, I've had crazy intermittent pain in my jaw. I first felt it when I bent over to get something out of my backpack yesterday. It hasn't come to lockjaw (yet, thankfully) but the experience itself is enough to put me in a funky cranky, irritable mood. I decided to be proactive about the pain and wear what would make me happy.

  Occasion: Attending Class
Striped Shirt: The Limited {similar}
Sweater: Old Navy {exact}
Belt: Target {exact}
Jeans: The Limited {similar}
Flats: Christian Siriano via Payless {option}

My new purple sweater from Old Navy makes me happy. So do stretchy pants. The combination alone felt like it was lacking. That's when I spotted my leopard belt on the couch, and knew exactly what to do. I knew that I needed to clean. Who has belts sitting on their couch?! Oh wait, that's right. I do. A cognac skinny belt was also on the couch. 

Looking at the photos now, I'm not sure if the belt looks awkward or not. I liked the idea of doing something different than a statement necklace since that's how I wore this sweater last time. Can we pretend that wasn't just the other day?  

If wearing the same sweater twice in two weeks is wrong, I don't want to be right. What kinds of clothes/outfits make you happy?

Monday, April 15, 2013


Monday mornings are rough for me since I have to wake up so early. I was considering wearing a skirt today, but my black crops were calling for me. I can't believe I forgot just how comfortable they are. I don't know what it is about having bare ankles that makes me feel at ease, but I'm a fan.

Maybe I should hack off a couple inches from all of my pants. (Okay, maybe not.)

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Shirt: J. Crew Factory (c/o Mom) {same style}
Cardigan: Old Navy {similar}
Crops: The Limited {option - 50% off today}
Flats: Merona via Target {exact}

I know there are problems with this outfit. I could list them, but I'd rather not draw attention to the flaws. Instead, let's embrace ankle pants and easy, effortless outfits like today's. What kind of outfits are easy and effortless for you? Do you have a formula for putting together something that is both stylish and comfortable?


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Thursday, April 11, 2013


It seems like that "I have nothing to wear!" feeling is something everyone goes through. I honestly can't remember the last time I had that feeling. In fact, lately, all I feel is I have too much to wear.

There are a few things that brought me to this conclusion. 
1) It's been a year since I've worn this top last. 
2) This top used to be one of my go-to's for teaching. 
3) I hosted No Longer Neglected! during March. It's almost the middle of April, and I'm still going strong.

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Class
Top: The Limited (c/o Mom)
Skirt: Merona via Target
Bracelet: Groopdealz
Belt: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Wedges: Xhiliration via Target

When I have a problem, I like to find a solution. I have come up with a few so far:
1) Get rid of my clothes until I don't have too many.
2) Sell my clothes. Use money for school (since I don't get summer funding this year).
3) Deal with it.

Now, I'm not sure which solution is best (or if there is an even better one out there). Per usual, I come to you, seeking advice. Do you feel, or have you ever felt, like you have too much? I also considered putting together a "shop my closet" section on the blog, but is that of poor form? Have you ever sold any of your clothes over the internet? I'd love to hear about your experience(s)!

The thing is that I really do wear just about everything I own-- the problem is just that it takes so long to make my way through the rotations. What do you think I should do? Any words of wisdom?

[Sorry for getting all serious up in here today. I'll be sure to keep things light tomorrow.]

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


At the beginning of January, I put together a wishlist for 2013. The list has helped me from buying everything in sight, and it has also helped me to shop around, rather than settling. One item on my list was a light purple sweater. I considered buying the Tippi sweater from J. Crew in January when it was on sale, but I wanted full length sleeves, so I kept looking. 

Then I found this one on Old Navy's website. I wasn't ready to give $30, so I waited for a sale. And I waited. And I waited. And then one day it dropped down to $12 and then finally there was a "take an additional 30% off" promotion. Then the sweater was mine, and I checked off one item from my list.

Occasion: Attending Lecture
Sweater: Old Navy {exact}
Shirt: Gap (c/o Mom) {similar}
Necklace: via Amazon {same style}
Pants: Old Navy {similar, option}
Boots: Rory Slouch by Lower East Side via Payless

I haven't worn these pants in a while because I feel somewhat juvenile every time I do. Part of me thinks I can get away with it since I'm still in school (albeit grad school) and I only wear them to class, and not on days I teach. The other part of me thinks that I am too old to be wearing these. What do you think? What is proper attire for a 25 year old (almost 26, ugh) woman? What does it mean to "dress your age"? Do you ever struggle with this question? I'd really love to know how you determine what is appropriate for your age, and whether you even believe such a thing exists.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Scarf and a Skirt

I have no sense of time. I can tell you how long I think an activity may take, and it will be remarkably far off of how long it actually takes. I also cannot tell you how much time has elapsed between T1 and T2; what seems like a minute and a half to me is actually closer to five minutes. 

I have a similar problem with weather. The forecast called for 70 degrees and rain. I figured I would be fine if I had a maxi skirt to keep me cool, and paired it with a scarf to keep me warm. Odd combination? Maybe to you, but not to someone who doesn't know what 70 degrees feels like.

Occasion: Attending Class
Shirt: Old Navy {similar, color options}
Safari Jacket: The Limited {similarish, option}
Scarf: The Limited
Skirt: The Limited {exact}
Flats: Heaven by Steve Madden {exact}

I was inspired by Newly Loved when I saw her pair a striped maxi skirt with a military jacket. I wish I had a military jacket, but I can't justify buying one when I have this safari jacket (which I am not crazy about). It is very light, and its sleeves are obnoxiously short. Don't even get me started on the faux pockets. I wish I would have noticed these faults before making the purchase, but since I didn't, I have to make do. I may not have a sense of time or weather, but at least I have a sense of sensibility (or the lack thereof).

Do you have any clothes that fall short of expectations? Do you cast these things aside, or do you find ways to incorporate them into your outfits?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy Crops

I start my mornings with a cup of black coffee. I sit in the same seat in class (and I get ticked when someone takes my seat). I put a leash on my younger dog before putting one on my older dog when taking them outside. I shop counter-clockwise when I go to Kohl's (but clockwise at Target). I request that my salad dressing be on the side. I'm a creature of habit.

I think it is good to break out of our habits and try something new. Sometimes, just for the sake of doing something different, I'll get chicken and steak at Chipotle instead of Barbacoa beef, or I'll put conditioner on before shampoo. Just kidding.

Occasion: Attending Lecture
Shirt: Banana Republic - gift {option, sim, sim}
Cardigan: The Limited {boyfriend option}
Crops: The Limited {similarish}
Wedges: Kylie by Dexter via Payless {same style}

Today I'm trying something new by wearing what I have dubbed "my crazy crops". I have a few pairs of printed pants, but they are all so subtle (black floral, purple animal print, blue polka dot). I was inspired to pair a matching cardigan with these crops after I had seen Emily at A Devine Life do the same. Have you tried anything different recently?

Another crazy thing I did recently was buy this pair of shoes from The Limited. They are much more vivid purplish-blue in person. My mom generously gave me her $20 mailer, putting these puppies at $9 (they were on sale last week). They are surprisingly comfortable, but I'm not sure how to style them. Do you have bold colored shoes? How do you style them?

[Linking up with Molly]

Thursday, April 4, 2013

So Last Fall

Is there a name for the phenomenon of taking months to wear a new purchase for the first time? Whatever you call the crime, I'm a repeat offender. I bought this shirt at the beginning of January and have neglected it until now. I had planned to wear an oxford/cardi combo with my 'crazy crops' today, but changed my mind at the last minute. Good thing I did. I can't believe it took so long to wear this top!

Occasion: Attending class
Shirt: The Limited {sim, sim, sim}
Crops: LOFT {sim, sim - save 30% w/code SUNSHINE}
Heels: Fast Love by Chinese Laundry via Macy's {exact

I feel like this outfit is a hodgepodge of last fall's trends. One of my colleagues told me that she saw this top in the big holiday edition of In Style. And remember when "oxblood" was the latest rage? Is it uncool to wear this color now? (For the record, I always thought they were burgundy.)

Call me so last fall, I don't care. I have a new favorite top.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blue Jean Baby

I really wanted to wear my denim jacket yesterday, but I have a thing about not being able to wear the same item on the same day of the week twice in a row. So since I wore the jacket last Tuesday, I couldn't wear it yesterday. But I could wear it today, and I did!

I knew I wanted to pair it with my floral shirt, and debut my $8 teal wedges, but I hadn't figured out the pants part. In a rush this morning, I threw on my skinny jeans, put my shoes on, grabbed my bag, and headed out the door.

It wasn't until I was already on campus that I realized that I was wearing denim on denim. [facepalm]

When I got home, my husband said to me, "A jean jacket? Who even wears those anymore?" 
Me: Have you not been on any fashion blogs lately?
Husband: No. Of course not. Anyway, you look like a kindergartener from the 90s.

Occasion: Attending Lecture
Shirt: Old Navy {exact}
Jacket: Mossimo via Target {exact, sim1, sim2, sim3, sim4}
Jeans: The Limited {similar}
Wedges: Melinda by Merona via Target {same style}

What do you think about wearing (dark blue) jeans with a denim jacket? Too much, right? Or have I managed to get away with it?

Thanks to everyone who offered input on the wedges and/or lilac blazer. Obviously I've decided to keep the teal wedges. Now that I know how different they look in natural lighting, I'll be much more inclined to wear these babies out more often. Plus, they are really comfortable. (I just have to get some ankle grips since my heels keep popping out.) I haven't decided about the navy wedges, but I have time to decide. 

As far as the lilac blazer goes, Andi pointed out to me that the associates in store can track down other sizes better (greater range) than the online system. I just have to make some calls and see if I can get it for less than $30 (since shipping is $7), otherwise it's a wash.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oops.. I Wore it Again

There were a few items I had planned to wear last month for No Longer Neglected, but what do you know, I ended up neglecting them. Two items in particular I have never featured on this blog include my bird scarf and a cold shoulder tee (dumb name, but that's what it was called online). The purchase of the cold shoulder tee was entirely impulsive. I saw a girl wear the same one in green, and had to have it. Plus, I thought cut out shoulders were the cutest thing ever. 

Come to think of it, the bird scarf was an impulsive purchase, too. I have a weakness for anything with animals on it, so when I saw this scarf, I said, "Yes, please!" Unfortunately that attitude was left behind and never made it home.

 Occasion: Attending Class
Top: The Limited {option, option, similar}
Cardigan: Merona via Target {this year's version}
Scarf: The Limited {option, option, option}
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Wedges: Melinda by Merona via Target {same style}

Somehow I have managed to avoid wearing both items. In my defense, the cold shoulder tee shows off bra straps, and the scarf doesn't match well with other colors. Or so I thought. Today I put on a tank top with thicker straps under the tee, and that took care of the bra strap issue. I incidentally threw the scarf onto a pile of clothes; the white cardigan I wore on Sunday was at the top of the pile. Apparently a scarf with white birds on it will match with a white cardigan. Who would have thought? 

I'm not sure these wedges were the best choice. I frequently have a hard time deciding what shoes to wear. For example, I found the same style wedges in teal on sale at Target (for $8!) a few weeks ago and I found a very similar style wedge in navy blue on sale at Payless (for $9!) last weekend. Clearly I don't need that many pairs of wedges, especially since I also have a pair of black and cognac wedges to add to the list. Or can you never have too many shoes? The teal and navy wedges are both comfortable and cute, but is that enough? Should I keep one, both, or neither? What is your method for deciding whether to keep a pair of shoes or not? And what is your method for deciding what shoes to wear on any given day?

Reader Response Requested

I have had my eye on the Gap's Ponte two-button blazer for months, but was not willing to pay full price. It finally dropped down to a reasonable price (including promotion and a coupon I had). The only problem is that they were out of my size, so I went with a Tall, thinking a few extra inches wouldn't be a problem.

It seems to me that the sleeves are just too long. I am considering getting alterations. I called around, and the average price for sleeve shortening is $18. I spent $17.60 on the blazer. 

My questions for you are:
- Should I spend the $18 to get the sleeves shortened?
- Is this blazer worth $36? 
- Should I take my chances, send it back to be exchanged, and hope they find an extra one in stock? (I'm pretty sure this is impossible as you can see how few sizes they have left online.)
- Or should I just leave them be, and rely on pushing them up (since I rarely wear any full length sleeves at my wrists-- I generally fold/push up all full length sleeves). 

Additional information and concerns:
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color ... (but I also just bought this sweater in the same color)
- My summers here are HOT (so it won't get touched for a few months of the year).
- The lining is an ugly shade of tan, so I would not consider rolling the sleeves.
- I'm not sure what colors I can pair with it. Are there enough styling options? 
- Can I wear this in the winter?

 Thank you so much, I really, really appreciate your input!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Gingham Style

As we say goodbye to March, let us also bid adieu to No Longer Neglected! I think this was a great challenge, and I thank everyone who participated! I wore a lot of clothes that I haven't worn in a long time, and wore others that haven't been getting as much love as they should. I like challenges, but I also look forward to not having to work within particular parameters this month.

I was inspired by Liz of 26 & Counting to pair a gingham shirt with a skirt.  Although I have seen gingham incorporated into work appropriate looks, I have been ambivalent towards the combination. I decided to finally give it a shot today.

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
 Shirt: Old Navy {options, options, different colors - save 30% w/code THANKYOU)
Blazer: Forever 21 {sim, sim, color options}
Necklace: Kohl's {same style, option}
Belt: Kohl's {same style, option}
Skirt: The Limited {exact, sim, sim}
Tights & Wedges: Target

Have you ever incorporated gingham or plaid into a work ready outfit? What is your favorite way to style gingham?
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