Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dress I Haven't Worn in Two Years

Two years ago, I bought a particular dress for two reasons.
1. It was $12
2. I saw it on a mannequin

That was winter of 2011. I lost a few pounds shortly after purchasing it in preparation for my wedding, and the dress became shapeless on me. I from then on thought of it as "the ill-fitting dress I bought for the wrong reasons".

Fast forward two years to the corner of winter and spring 2013, and my latest challenge: No Longer Neglected! I knew this piece would be perfect for the challenge because I haven't put it on in two years! Unfortunately I overlooked the fact that I've gained weight since the wedding and that the dress wouldn't fit the same way. I no longer think of it as "the ill-fitting dress" but rather "that dress that used to be baggy and now is tight on my hips." D'oh!

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Dress: The Limited
Blazer: Forever 21 {similar 1, 2, 3}
Obi Belt: The Limited {on sale & in different colors}

Tights & Wedges: Target

Do you by any chance know the name of the style of this type of dress? (T-shirt like material sewn to something of a skirt?) I can't find it anywhere online... I suppose this is just a gem of the past. Have you found any historic treasures in your closet? Be sure to let me know if/when you do!


  1. The only thing I know about the dress is the belt is an obi belt (or at least it looks like it). Either way it is gorgeous! The color is so pretty on you. We are rocking our oldies but goodies today. You inspired us to dig deep into our closets :) Heather

  2. This dress is so pretty, glad it's no longer neglected =) The print is beautiful and the belt is so fun!

  3. When I was a little heavier, I think I tried to buy every single "t-shirt sewn into skirt" type dress on the market. I think they just seemed to be the most flattering for me at the time, but yeah, I don't see them around much anymore. The belt you added here makes it definitely look like a skirt and a top, which is super cute! It doesn't look tight on you from the photos, anyway! :)

  4. What a pretty dress! Aren't you glad you are doing this challenge this month to rediscover all the great items in your closet? I do have a bit of clothes with tags on it that are at least a year old so I will need to come up with something.


  5. um that dress was $12 buck . . . LOVE! and it looks amazing on you! you're working it girl!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  6. Just when you think you will never wear a dress, top, skirt, etc. ever end up putting the most amazing outfit together:)! #Winning loll Love this look girl!

  7. that looks like a great dress from my perspective, i love how it can come across as a top & a skirt. the print on the skirt is great and i think you could try out different belts to make them look like two different pieces, if that's what you're going for.

    i just wanted to let you know that i'm participating along with you this month for no longer neglected!

  8. Love this super fun bright print! I wouldn't let this dress to sit in my closet for 2 years:) By the way, I'm hosting a link up party and would be thrilled if you decided to participate!

  9. I own this very same dress & come to think of it I haven't worn it either and now seeing it on you, you not only reminded me to wear it but I love HOW YOU WORE IT. This is definitely getting pinned. I own the same belt too. I love OBI belts by The Limited. This is my most favorite 'neglected' item of yours so far. =)

  10. That is a great skirt on you - I love the color and print and hope you get a ton more wear out of it!

  11. Girlfriend, I am the QUEEN of buying things not to be worn for months and or years later...and I don't think it's wrong!! In fact, sometimes, it's like I'm shopping in my closet when I come across a brand new, tags still on, dress that is just perfect for the event coming up! My hubs isn't exactly thrilled with this little habit of mine but... :)) New follower!

  12. Great print on that dress!

  13. I absolutely love that dress! Glad that you decided to wear it again!

  14. I have experienced the same thing, lol! Too bad mine was a bridesmaid dress that I was supposed to wear two years ago and had taken in. Now I am scrambling to get it taken out so I can wear it this weekend for the rescheduled wedding. You look great and the dress is perfect on you!


  15. You do a good job with belts I've noticed. You bring life to that dress in a way no mannequin ever could.
    Next time if you could step a little to the side away from the tree it'd be great...don't get many winter/snow shots of the HVAC units and I like to see them whenever possible.

    BTW, there's no 'wrong reason' for a $12 clothing purchase (unless maybe if it's a T-shirt).


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