Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stumped by the Sweater Topper

The reason I neglect some of my clothes is honestly because I have no idea how to style them. Case and point: this grey sweater topper. I received it as a Christmas gift last year, along with a dark purple v-neck sweater. The few times I've worn the sweater topper, I paired it with the sweater. Those times I felt like something was off, but could never pinpoint the problem.

Today I discovered what the problem: the color combination. I swapped the dark purple for a happy spring blue-green, and added the peach-toned necklace to add some more color and because I haven't worn it in such a long time, either (No Longer Neglected!) Do you neglect some of your clothes because you are stumped on how to style them?

Occasion: Attending lecture
Sweater: Target {in v-neck} {$10 option}
Sweater topper: The Limited - gift
Necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: Loft {same}
Boots: Payless

Do you own a sweater topper like this? How do you style it? Do you have any ideas for how I could style the topper?

PS: My flannel and vest combo is featured as one of Ada's Best Looks of last week over at Elegance Personified. Check it out, along with looks from other awesome bloggers!


  1. I really like your color combination here, definitely works!

    I have a sweater topper too and I haven't worn in a long time. I always think I'm going to figure out what to do with it but I think mine is just too boxy and doesn't even look nice belted. So hmmm I might be giving up on it.

  2. Flyaway cardigans and sweaters like this stump me too. I usually belt them so I don't feel like they are swallowing me whole, ha ha!

    The greenish/blue top goes really well with this sweater. I love this! Heather

  3. Love the boots! They look comfy. :)

  4. I literally just donated a sweater that looks just like this! I used to love it, and would wear it over a tank top (usually white) and a pair of jeans & boots. Sometimes I'd swap out the jeans for a pencil skirt, but I just couldn't find more ways to get creative with the top. I really love the color combination you've discovered here, though!

    This series is seriously inspiring me. I'm going to participate in it sometime soon! Did you say you were doing this series all month or what?

  5. I really like this color combo. I never knew there was a name for these types of sweaters...I love the casual vibe of these sweaters but I always feel like they add so much bulk to my body. I think it would be cute over a fitted dress with a belt.


  6. Great job on switching up the color combo - I think this really works. :) You could also try just a tank underneath in a bit warmer weather.

  7. Awesome sweater.. Overall an awesome outfit matched with great pair of Designer footwear.. Boots really suit you..!

  8. I love the top part of this outfit especially. The Light Color Blue is gorgeous on you. And thanks for mentioning my feature. =) You have been rocking some awesome outfits, lately. =)

  9. i kind of have a similar sweater that always stumps me. mine doesn't lay openly nicely like yours does, though, it almost has to be belted. but really, whoever thought to make thick short-sleeve sweaters? there seems to be such a small window of time where you could wear them! i'm not sure if my sweater will get a chance at becoming no longer neglected, but i'm glad yours could! :)


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