Friday, March 22, 2013

No Longer Neglecting Mom's Sweater

While I was working on my Master's, I lived at home with my parents. Although it can be a pain to be in such close quarters, I actually enjoyed it (at times) because it meant that I could raid my mom's closet whenever I wanted to. (Truth be told, I spent most of my free time then hanging out with my now husband.) When it came time to move, my mom gave me a few of her sweaters, including the one I'm wearing today. 

Occasion: lunch date
Mock turtleneck
: Charter Club (c/o Mom)
Belt: borrowed from husband
Pants: Old Navy {pastel, similar}
Boots: Madden Girl (gift)

I probably should have left this top with my mom since I haven't worn it in two years. If the weather keeps up like it is, I might be able to get another wear in. Either way, today I can officially say this mock turtleneck is No Longer Neglected! Have you linked up? You still can! We would love to see what has been neglected in your closet! Stop by and see what others are no longer neglecting!


  1. I actually like your Mock Turtleneck. Used to have a few myself (including a silk blend and a couple of cashmere ones from Lord & Taylor). I am not sure what happened to them. They are probably in my huge walking closet in US. Gotta raid my closet while I am there this summer.

    By the way, I just linked up, too. =)

  2. Yeah, if I got clothes from my mom (who was an elementary teacher) I'd have a wide range of holiday themed sweaters, so you, my dear, did well :)

  3. My mother is kind of a hideous dresser, so the thought of raiding her closet makes me cringe. It's so interesting to me to see mothers that know how to dress, and daughters that want to raid her closet! I really like this though. And I like that the boots and belt match. :) Also, props to you for finding pants that fit at Old Navy. I don't understand them. Every single pair of skinny jeans that I've ever tried on at ON are like floods on me, or just fit awful. Not fair!

  4. My mom wears cute clothes for the most part, but we aren't the same size. I get a lot of her jewelry, scarves, and purses, though, which is awesome. I like this sweater - you should wear it more often! It's great for winter.

    I agree with Lynette - I can't find skinny jeans at Old Navy either! They're super short, or they are like huge in the legs and tight in the waist or vice versa :( I'm bummed, because they have so many super cute colors and patterns right now!

  5. Cute pants and boots! You styled your moms turtle neck really well!
    I'm a new follower and would love for you to visit my blog!


  6. Awesome gift from mom.. Loved the sweater.. It makes you look fabulous!! :) You know this sweater would be perfect for formal occasions if matched with perfect pair of designer eyewear..


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