Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Longer Neglected: Pleated Skirt

As of today, I can officially say that my black pleated skirt is No Longer Neglected! I last wore this skirt nearly two years ago for work. I used to work at a retail store where the dress code was wearing clothes bought from the store, or black and white. I thought this skirt would be perfect for those black and white days. However, the few times I wore the skirt with a white button up shirt, I was teased by my co-workers for looking like a Catholic school girl. I stopped wearing it because I had no clue how to wear it without looking like a school girl.

I still had a really hard time figuring out how to style this skirt... which is really weird since it's just a black skirt! But the pleats just made everything I paired with it look off. How would you style this skirt?

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Class
Top: The Limited {non-ruffle}
Skirt: The Limited {similarish} {chiffon option}
Belt: Target {exact}
Tights: Target
Wedges: Kylie:: Dexter via Payless {same style}
*might still be available in store

Looking back on it, I'm not sure I love the ruffles and pleats together, but what can you do?

Today also marks the first time I have ever worn black tights with not-black shoes. (I was inspired by Heidi at Literate & Stylish to do this, especially when I discovered we have the same wedges. I just got mine at Payless for $8!!) Can I get your honest opinion about the combination? Do you ever work black tights with not-black shoes? How do you decide what color shoes to wear? Am I just being overly analytical -- can you wear black tights with any color shoe?

I'm also linking up with Tara at Mix and Match Fashion for the What I Wore to Work link up. You can see more of the outfits I wore to work here.


  1. I have worn red heels with black tights and felt very Kate Spade, ha ha. I like the heels you wore. I have trouble with pleats too. My thought process is to keep it fitted on the top when wearing pleats. Not sure if that even makes sense, lol. You look cute and not like a school girl at all!

  2. LOVE this outfit, actually! I think the ruffles and pleats look great. I think this skirt could look darling with a plain v-neck tee and a pendant necklace to dress it down a bit.

    I've certainly worn black tights with non-black shoes. I usually will go with a nice cognac, similar to your shoes, but I've also worn purple flats or gray shoes/boots with my black tights as well.

  3. I think your outfit looks great! I have a hard time with pleated skirts as well - I always feel they draw too much attention to the hip area. I did in fact, wear a pleated skirt with a white top all through high school at a catholic school :)

    I do wear different color shoes with my black tights but it took some getting used to. For me, it just felt to bold to have black against something and when it's all black - it feels like it elongates your legs.


  4. Love the pleated skirt with the leopard belt and blue shirt, Kate! Yay for trying something different:)! I think the black tights look great with the brown shoes!

  5. That skirt is adorabe, I'm glad you are not neglecting it! Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. I love the ruffles with the pleats. It looks great! I think I have a very similar skirt if not that same one, and it is definitely neglected in my closet. I can't remember the last time I wore it.

    I wear all kinds of color shoes with black tights. They're a neutral, so they go with anything! I think it just depends on what the outfit looks like as a whole as to whether the shoes should be black or something else.

  7. I cannot believe you have neglected that skirt. It is such a beautiful & versatile piece. I do, too, really like the ruffly blouse but maybe not the two together, too much flounce & volume in my opinion. Overall is a cute outfit though and I like the shoes. =)

  8. The pleated skirt is super cute! But I know what you mean with not knowing how to style it. I have a few skirts like that where it's a super simple skirt but it's just so hard to find something that actually works well with it. I think the ruffle shirt is cute though, and I like them paired together! maybe next time you can try something softer like a tee or flowy blouse?

    I have worn nude shoes with black tights before and that just looks funny, so I normally stick to black, brown (sometimes), or dark shoes, and nothing that contrasts TOO much.

  9. that is a great skirt, it doesn't deserve to be neglected! i am glad you were inspired to wear lighter shoes with darker tights (i wore those shoes today too with navy tights!). i don't think i would ever wear dark tights with nude shoes, but any other color i think is fair game.

    by the way, i keep linking back to your first no longer neglected post because i want to give you credit for the challenge i'm participating in too, have you thought about doing a linkup or making a button? just want to make sure i give you credit for the challenge idea!

  10. Im so happy to hear that cute skirt is no longer neglected! It is adorable and needs to be out and about not stuck in the closet! You did well with pairing it and I always really like the dark tights and shoes together!

  11. Kate, too bad I just came across your blog. I had a link up on my series an old flame never dies which is to reshop your closet and give oldies a new appearance. Your neglected pleated skirt def would have fitted in that series. The other day I was pairing pleats ond pleats and loved it. And I think the ruffle top even looks great with it. A plain shirt with a short blazer and a necklace would look amazing too. Hope that helpled. Following you now via GFC :-)


  12. I don't like this look. That, of course, is part of fashion though so everything is fine.

    I don't like the collar on the shirt and I think the fabric is wrong for ruffles because they sort of hang straight down, and there's too many of them for the space from neck to waist. the skirt is nice and you did the usual good job with the belt. As much as I like black tights on women as a rule here they don't work...esp. with the brown shoes. The bracelet goes well, the necklace neither hurts nor helps. Maybe maroon tights and a brighter top...or maybe a brown top or sweater with the tights and shoes you have on.
    You look good, it's the outfit; and of course a matched set of HVAC units in the background can always bring out the best...


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