Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Longer Neglected: Blythe Blouse

Although No Longer Neglected! challenges us to discover what is in the back of our closets, it should also be challenging us to discover what we have been keeping hidden in the front of our closet. Do you have items that you consider to be one of your favorites? Do you give it the love it deserves, and wear it as often as you should? Surely we all have something that we at one time bought because we had to have it... but then failed to wear it more than once or twice?

One item that isn't getting enough love is my blouse from J. Crew. Ever since I started trolling J. Crew's website on a semi-regular basis, I have been fond of the Blythe blouse. It's simple, it's classic, it's fantastic. It's not one of those pieces when you see someone wear it you know where they bought it. It's not something that will ever be considered "so last year" either. (Side note: Don't Google image search "Blythe".)

Over Christmas, I walked in J. Crew to check out their sales, saw the blouse marked down from $110 to $50. (Meh.) Wait, what's that? Take an additional 40% off? ($35 isn't bad.) Oh and I can get 15% off for a student discount? (Yeah, okay, I guess I'll splurge.) $25 later, I went home with this blouse. 

For something that I had stalked for so long (and splurged on!) it's unbelievable that I don't wear it more often. I think I'm just afraid of ruining it because I think it is so lovely. Unfortunately I had a late night and these pictures don't do the blouse justice. I guess I'll just have to wear it again some time soon :-)

Occasion: Attending class, presentation
Blouse: J. Crew {same style}
Necklace: Groopdealz {save, save less, spend}
Jeans: The Limited
Belt: Apt 9 via Kohl's {similar, different colors}
Wedges: Dexter via Payless {same style}

Are you giving love to clothes that deserve more wear-- not just those really old pieces, but the ones you love, too? Join the link up party and see what items others are no longer neglecting!


  1. um so I googled it anyway. NIGHTMARES

    and yes I think you should wear it more often! a $110 blouse for next to nothing? what a score. can't wait to see what you wear with it next.

    I've been meaning to participate but every time I go to try to make something neglected work, I'm reminded why I never wear it. I guess if nothing else I'm adding lots to my "sell" pile!

  2. I love you on red! You should wear it all the time. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. This is a great blouse and the color is gorgeous! I really like the necklace with it too.

  4. This blouse is really great! I have a lot of beloved pieces in my wardrobe but I also tend to wear the most beloved most often. I have two favorite blouses which I got on sale from Lands End (from $90 to $20 ;)) and which I am really wearing every week. I just love them so much!
    I really like the shape and fabric-style of your blouse! Its looks to chic but easy-going at the same time! Just perfect!


  5. What? $25? That's awesome. I really want a white Blythe blouse but those never go on sale, only the colored ones :(

    What happens when I google search Blythe? I'M SCARED.

    And I've been on the hunt for a necklace EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Super cute and goes really well with the outfit :)


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