Thursday, March 14, 2013

Neglected Vest

Once upon a time, I saw someone in Kohl's wearing a vest (which I knew was from The Limited). I decided I had to have it, so I went online, saw it was on clearance for $5, and bought it.

That was spring 2011. The first (and last) time I wore it was March 9, 2012.

I knew when I started No Longer Neglected! that this would be one of the pieces that I would be wearing. (Is it just me or can you quickly list off a handful of items from your closet that you know you have been neglecting?)

Occasion: Teaching, Attending class
Shirt: J. Crew Factory: Haberdashery (c/o Mom) {same style, different colors}
Vest: The Limited
Pants: The Limited {flare, similar} *40% off w/code "LUCKY"
Shoes: AK Anne Klein via DSW {in brown, in black}

I'm actually considering taking the floral/coral (or whatever it is-- thoughts?) decoration off. It looks like it's attached by a single thread all the way around, so I'm assuming it won't ruin the vest. What do you think? Is there any reason to keep it on?

I'm linking up for Look What I Got. You can still link up for No Longer Neglected! Show us what you have been neglecting!


  1. Hmmmm... i'd remove the flowers if it were my shirt. As long as it doesn't damage the shirt! They look like a fuzzy purple caterpillar sitting on your shoulder ;)

    I do like the purple/teal pairing though! And your shoes are super cute.

  2. I cannot believe you have neglected this vest, I love it. Awesome style, color & floral thingy. Do not remove the flower part, adds pizzaz to it. Paired with teal, it looks fantastic.

    Also, your gorgeous Silky Red Button-Down Shirt from J.Crew was a great item that should not be neglected. Very very similar to my Red Button-Down in my current OOTD, too. =)

  3. No, I think the flower os the most interesting thing about that vest! Without that detail, it would never even occur to me to put it on. Totally leave it on!!!

  4. I think removing it will make it more versatile - you can wear it under blazers or cardigans if you remove it!

  5. I agree with Fran and Kimmie about removing the flowers. It would definitely make the vest more versatile. The color is really pretty and I like it paired with the teal button up too. Heather

  6. Something about the color combo is a little harsh on my eyes (and I'm the girl who mixes all sorts of colors). I think it's that the teal is under the purple and peeks out, I count 4 times (2 sleeves, neckline/collar, and the hem) If you're going to mix those two colors, it would probably look best in one block of teal and one block of purple. I do like the two shades of blue together (the shirt and the trousers). I like the flowers, they're what makes the vest unique, but not with a collared shirt underneath.

  7. That's such a fun color combo - I've never paired those together before. I think the vest may not be as neglected if you removed the flowers since it's not as unique but I think that's what I like about the vest. I guess - it depends what you want out it - more wears or something different.


  8. I think you could pair more things with the vest without the flowers but only remove if you're positive it won't ruin it!

    The Tiny Heart
    Avon Giveaway!

  9. Kate, I was so excited to find out that you were born in Serbia. Which city? My sister still lives there and I did that too, when my mom and I are in public I sometimes use serbian so that nobody can understand us hehehe. I have myself way too many neglected items in my closet, that's why I started my series because it's just a pitty to let it dust in the wardrobe and its so much fun to get creative and give it new life. Thise purple vest with the florette detailling is super super cute. I wouldn't remove the flowers as it make it so special. Svidja mi se ;-)


  10. the floral detailing adds a flair, but i can see how it may not look as flattering in person; i am sure it would be easy to remove. if you wanted, and if it is worth it, you could try to keep the decoration and make a brooch or something from it; may look neat on a blazer or something.


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