Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Neglected Polka Dot Blouse

As much as I love bright colors, I'm really much more fond of wearing darker colors. This might not sound like a problem, and it isn't, until I try to put them together. How in the world do you wear a black polka dot blouse when all of your pants are dark? I tried pairing the blouse once with dark denim, and that was a failure. The only other time I wore it was layered under a dress. That worked out fine, but only because I wasn't wearing any pants.

I've been avoiding this shirt even though I find it so cute. In an effort to make it No Longer Neglected!, I held it up against everything in my closet, loved the way it looked with the bluish-greenish aqua sweater, and decided to pair the two together.

Occasion: Attending Lecture
Polka Dot Shirt: The Limited {big dots, bigger dots, navy1, navy2}
Sweater: Target {in v-neck, $10 option}
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Flats: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's {similar, under $10, option}

I'm not sure this blouse would work paired alone with the jeans, but I like that it adds some interest in this outfit as opposed to just wearing the sweater alone. I apologize that I didn't move my hair - the polka dot collar popping out of the sweater was my favorite part of the outfit.

How do you wear dark tops when you don't have light or bright pants to match? How would you style a black polka dot top?


  1. I'm so with you on the dark colors! Most of my pants and skirts are dark, and I am more drawn to darker colors in tops as well. I have two really great sweaters in black and navy, but they look weird with my dark denim, and I'm not quite bold enough to wear my navy sweater with my black I struggle to wear them!

    I think your solution here, to layer the sweater with the blouse, works well! You have purple pants, right? This blouse might look cute with those! Or with your fuchsia skirt that was in a post earlier this week. I also love black with cobalt and teal/peacock, so if you have anything in those colors, it might work out well, too!

  2. Now I'm scrolling through old posts to get ideas for what you should wear with this top! I agree with Brynn about the purple pants, or your brighter pencil skirts would be cute. I shy away from wearing too much black, but I think it would also look great with black pants or dark jeans, and then maybe add a bright statement necklace or belt?

  3. I would pair it with your purple or hot pink skirt . Do you have white pants? That would be cute too!

  4. Love it with your teal sweater, and agree with all the others, pink or purple would be great or even green.


  5. I covet a polka dot blouse! One of the other 5D5W bloggers did her tops post on a polka dot blouse - should check it out! (can't remember which one!) I would even try it with you camo pants!! Thanks for popping by VV Boutique Style!

  6. The sweater is such a pretty shade of blue - and don't dots just go with everything sometimes?!

  7. I have a black polka dot top and I've worn it under a sweater like you did and I've also worn it under tank dresses.
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  8. Great choice, look so cute together :)

  9. I have a navy polka dotted top as well and am also stumped on what to do with it. I love it so much, it's sheer and loose-fitting and adorable, but this is why I just am always afraid of navy tops. What do you wear with navy tops other than colored pants? And the only work-appropriate colored skirt I have is also blue. Not a good combo. But I like what you've done here! I did something pretty similar a while ago, but with a pink crew neck sweater. :)

  10. Such a cute top! What about tucking it into skirts? Or wearing it with your camo pants? :)


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