Sunday, March 17, 2013

Five Facts (and four bears)

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Kimmie tagged me for Five Things, so here I am, bearing my all (haha)

1. My name is Katarina.
I was born in Serbia and shortly thereafter moved to the states. I started going by 'Kate' because I wanted a more American sounding name. I tried introducing myself as Katarina when I went off to college, but it was weird. Only my family, my husband, and some close friends ever call me Katarina.

2. Inconsiderate people make me angry.
I'm relatively down to earth weird and awkward, but my blood boils when people don't use their turn signals, when they stand in the middle of a grocery store aisle, and litter/don't pick up after their dogs. (Clearly none of them subscribe to Kant's moral theory.) Doing these things shows that you either are oblivious to others around you, or you just don't care. Either way, you suck. The same goes for people who don't greet cashiers, baristas, and waiters and just demand that they are taken care of. These people aren't your slaves, for crying out loud. They're not robots, either. Treat them with some respect! Arg.

3. I used to be obsessed with the Backstreet Boys.
Seriously obsessed. I spent my allowance on Backstreet Boys posters, books, stickers, and anything with their faces on it. I memorized their lyrics and their biographies. I recorded their TV appearances (using the VHS set, of course). I was convinced that Brian and I would get married some day. In 6th grade, we were learning about the heart in science class, and I knew Brian had a hole in his heart. I wanted to ask my teacher about the condition, so I said "I have a friend who has a hole in his heart". I was teased for referring to Brian as my friend up until senior year of high school.

4. I love animals.
I love my dogs and my cat, but I really just love all animals. They fascinate me; I admittedly have spent way too much time trying to figure out what their states of cognition are like. My husband and I went to three zoos this year, and one aquarium (despite having a love/hate relationships with the zoos-- I really wish they gave more space and food to the animals. Some zoos do a great job with the primate exhibits, but give barely any room for the big cats to romp around -- and I won't even begin to talk about how emaciated some of them are. Zoos are a great way to learn about animals and see what we lose (and who we kill) by destroying wildlife, but it is necessary that the goal of the zoo is not to make a profit, but rather to provide a sanctuary for the animals.) My favorite animals are bears, because they are cute and ferocious.

5. Mascara is the only makeup I wear on a regular basis.
(If you want proof, I'll post before and after close ups.) I have a tube of mascara in my purse, backpack, and on my office desk. (Turns out I have Blistex chapstick in the same places.) If I apply anything more than mascara, it will be eyeliner, maybe eyeshadow. When I'm feeling unpretty I'll put on foundation and blush. I just don't see a significant difference, so it doesn't seem worth the time or energy. (Maybe this means that I don't know how to apply makeup? If you have product recommendations or tutorial suggestions, I'd be happy to hear!)

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It's my dream to be this close to a real life bear.


  1. i get really bothered by people who seem to be oblivious to others too, especially when i am shopping or someone blocks me in an aisle at the goodwill with their shopping cart. leave your cart at the end of the aisle or out of the way!

  2. Ugh, I get really made when people are oblivious to those around them, too! SO RUDE. I think people forget that those in the service industry are people with thoughts, feelings, and lives of their own. Grrr.

    I literally laughed out loud when you talked about Brian being your friend. Ha! I also loved BSB, but I was 2% more in love with Nsync. I'm not sure we could have been friends in junior high ;) I distinctly remember there being two rival groups of friends: the Nsync group, and the BSB group. Ha!

    I love animals too! I'm such a sucker for them. Whenever I hear about an animal in distress, I cry. When I was little, every time I'd watch a movie with an animal in peril, I would cry (Homeward Bound, Where the Red Fern Grows, Free Willy, Beethoven, etc.). My family still teases me about it!

  3. Bears are awesome! Omaha has a pretty good zoo, and my favorite animals are probably the polar bear and the sun bears. The polar bear swims laps and it is really cool because he is right up against the glass, and then he turns and his giant paw pushes up on the glass. I sort of want to hug him, but that would probably be unwise.

    And I am jealous that you can get away with wearing no make up! I think it just means you have good skin!

  4. I knew you loved bears. I must say I love your full name and the fact that is spelled KATARINA rather than Katerina. Glad to know you are born in an Eastern European country like myself. As a matter of fact our countries are very close by and good neighbors too.

    I loved Backstreet Boys too, not obsessed but I did really like them. We are from the same generation after all, so I think most girls around our age felt the same way about them. And number 2 I agree with 100%, no doubt about it.

    Here, check out my latest post. There is something in there for you. =)

    Thanks & Have a Great New Week, Ada. =)

  5. I love that you love bears - I would love to be that close to one too!! My favorites are pandas but like you said I love that bears are cute AND ferocious :)

  6. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DON'T USE THEIR TURN SIGNALS. it drives me absolutely nuts. if someone slows down really fast and then turns without a signal, i honk all the way until I'm past them.

    really, I do.

  7. What a fun post! I love learning more about other bloggers outside of just the fashion stuff. I totally agree about #2. The no turn signal thing drives me crazy! As far as you not wearing much make-up. You don't need it, you are naturally pretty :) Thanks for tagging me and Kayla. We will post our five things later this week. Heather

  8. Thank you so much for tagging me in this post Kate! I cannot stand rude/oblivious people either! It's so awesome that you wear really light makeup and you're naturally beautiful. God forbid you see me without layers of makeup. I will not step foot in public. If I have light makeup on people say I look tired lol! And i LOVE animals:)!

  9. Thanks for tagging me, Kate - post to come later this week!

    I'm with you on the mascara thing. I am a firm believe that the prettiest look is a natural look. However, I have recently discovered red lipstick and I'm kind of enjoying it :) Also, that is SO cool that you were born in Serbia. Have you ever been back to visit?

  10. Good job on the no make up, you don't need it. Most women don't. I have yet to see a bride all over-made up looking better than she does on a normal day


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