Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Days, 5 Ways: Black Tops (ft. the Neglected Cardi)

Today I'm linking with Fran for 5 Days, 5 Ways. Today I'm showing you five different ways to style a black top (shirt, turtleneck, tee). I have also incorporated this stripe sequin cardigan that I have been neglecting to keep up with my monthly challenge.

Occasion: Teaching, Attending Lecture
Shirt: The Limited {recommend}
Cardigan: The Limited {exact, similarish}
Necklace: Groopdealz
Pants: The Limited {sim, sim}
Flats: Target Target {same, sim}

I decided to try something new today by starting with an all black palette. I cannot recall ever having worn a black shirt and black top together for a non-costume related occasion. I had planned on wearing the cardigan open, but it didn't sit quite right. This cardigan has proved tougher to style than I had anticipated. Do you have any ideas for how to style this cardigan? What colors do you think it would work with?

5 Other Ways to Style a Black Top:

(1) Layered under a dress {original post}
(2) Colorful skirt and elastic belt {original post}
(3) Statement necklace, colorful skirt {original post}
(4) Blazer, print skirt* {original post}
(5) Scarf {original post}

* the "skirt" is actually a dress, but it shows another way a black shirt can be styled

Clearly I like pairing black with bright colors. What are your favorite ways to wear black? Do you gravitate towards pairing black with a particular color?


  1. I really like the cardigan with the all black. The cardigan is a neutral so it would pair well with so many colors. I would suggest orange, red , pink or even your purple skirt in the photo above.

    As far as black, I tend to lean towards red or pink for some reason. I sometimes forget how nice it is to just wear an all neutral color scheme. Heather

  2. For most of high school, I feel like over half of my wardrobe was black. So for the last 2-3 years, I've tried getting clothes in any color other than black. I don't even ever want black clothes anymore, so I can't even really think of what I wear black with. Bright colors, I suppose! I'm in love with that skirt in the second photo of yours. It looks like it fits you perfectly, and I've been wanting to get more fun-colored pencil skirts.

    Also, I had every intention of joining in No Longer Neglected and Five Days, Five Ways. But then real estate school happened. So yeah. I'm barely able to think about blogging the last couple weeks :(

  3. I think your cardigan would look great with a dark purple, like eggplant. Or even like burgundy, maybe? I do like it a lot with black, too.

    I like to wear black with camel/cognac, or gray. As for more vibrant or...colorful...colors, I like black with green, teal, and purple. And cobalt!!!

  4. cute girl!

  5. These are all great outfits! I like pairing black with primary colors red/yellow/blue in bright shades. =)

    Avec Amber

  6. I love the 3rd way you styled it. It's a great mix of colors and your hoisery just adds an extra something to it!

  7. I love the black with the beige sequin cardigan! The mint necklace add that perfect pop of color!:)

  8. Stopping in from Franish - hi! My favorite is outfit with that blue printed skirt/dress. And I do love an obi belt!

  9. I love how different that black top looks in each outfit! You did a great job with the link-up assignment! :)

  10. Hi kate...cute camo pants :) check out my giveaway when you have a chance xoxo



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