Monday, February 25, 2013

Pass It On: Skinny Jeans

Thank you for your comments on commenting yesterday. Please don't feel the need to apologize for lengthy comments- Lord knows I leave enough of those. I really do like reading what you have to say. I don't have any blogger friends in real life (real life friends who blog?) so I rely on you for these sorts of conversations. (This is also what happens when your department is male-dominated, and the few women are rarely around.)

Occasion: Attending Lecture
 Shirt: Old Navy {similar} {similar}
(check in-store)
Vest: Sonoma via Kohl's
Necklace: via Groopdealz
Jeans: The Limited {similar}{cuffed}
Boots: Target {similarish}

I also rely on you for fashion inspiration. Today's look is brought to you by Heather and Little Miss Fearless. I frequently ask for advice on how to style a particular piece. Months ago, I asked about this vest. Heather suggested pairing it with a flannel or plaid shirt and boots. I originally thought of brown boots, until I saw how many different ways Amanda (LMF) styled her pink Hunter boots. 

I don't have pink Hunter boots, but I do have awesome purple gardening boots, thanks to my husband. Last spring/summer, were in the seasonal section of Target, perusing the clearance items. He saw a pair of purple gardening boots (for $8!!) and asked if I was interested.

First, whenever he asks me if I'm interested in something clothing related, the answer is almost always "YES!" I had been wanting rain boots for sometime, but didn't want to spent $25 bucks on them, so I was even more interested. (Really, besides an inch or two, what is the difference between gardening boots and rain boots?) The icing on the cake was the price. I was sold. 

I had never thought of these boots as anything more than functional -- mostly for taking the dogs out on wet days. After spending enough time on Pinterest, I've come to realize that rain boots can be part of an outfit. Do you ever wear rain boots as a fashion statement, i.e. on non-rainy days? Or are they purely functional for you?

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Take One, Pass It On item: Skinny Jeans (seen yesterday). Lame, I know. Oh well.


  1. I need that plaid top! I've been wanting one that color! Great look!

  2. Purple boots! Your husband rocks for pointing these out to you. They are paired perfectly with the plaid top and vest.

    My rain boots are navy blue with white polka dots with flowers. They make my feet so hot, I can barely stand to wear them for function or fashion, LOL. Heather

  3. I also commented on your post from yesterday first of all. Loved that post. =)

    I have never thus far worn Wellies or Rain Boots as Fashion Statements but I know they totally can be. I own two pairs of really cute ones which are colorful & fun. Your boots are real cute & hubby did a great job. I love their unique color - pastel lilac. You did a good job styling this outfit. It is casual but with a Bubble Necklace - which I need so bad - you totally dressed it up.

  4. Great look! I love the hints of lilac in this outfit xo

  5. Your newest follower. And thanks for linking up to my link party today on My Greatest Hits!

  6. This is a great outfit! Love the whole combination. I would like some rain boots, but haven't gotten any yet. The lilac ones are so cute!

  7. I just read your post from yesterday, too and I really do like your whole outfit. :) I stopped by because I wanted to take a closer look - I have some plaid shirts and vests and think this would be a nice way to wear them.

  8. Great layered look - I love that necklace on you!

  9. I've been thinking about doing a link up for "repeat offenders" Seeing this post makes me want to do it even more. What women can't use inspiration on using the same piece different ways:) Love both ways you styled your skinnies!!

  10. Um, using your skinny jeans for the same TOPIO item is totally not lame. Only because that's the item I passed on yesterday :)

    I used to have a pair of pink rain boots that I bought at Loft. They were SUPER cute, and I only bought them because I had the matching rain coat and umbrella (I couldn't help it) but I was never able to bring myself to wear them for FASHUN other than function. So the only times I ever wore them was when I was powerwashing the driveway or washing the car, SO EXCITING. But since I never wore them, they got faded and I ended up giving them to a friend so she could wear them when she went clamming because she didn't have any waterproof shoes. I had debated getting a pair of hunters, but I honestly don't think I'd wear them much, because I just feel weird wearing rubber boots as a part of an outfit! Though many girls do these days so maybe I shoudln't be so weird about it.

    OK SORRY FOR MY EXCESSIVE COMMENT LENGTH. I'll try to make it shorter next time, as in: "hey nice blog, want to follow each other? xoxo"


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