Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pass It On: Green Necklace

Hi, my name is Kate, and I have a confession to make. Sometimes I like wearing I frequently wear my husband's clothing. You just don't know it because I don't document it, and even if I were to, I surely wouldn't put the pictures online. My favorite items of his to wear are a pair of camo pajama pants and a big white hoodie. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!)

Occasion: Proctoring an Exam
Sweater: Old Navy (borrowed from hubs}
: Banana Republic
Necklace: via Amazon
Jeans: Elle via Kohl's
Boots: via Kohl's

Today isn't the first time I've worn men's clothing.  It isn't the first time I've raided his side of the closet, either. I've worn his black sweater, his blue button up shirt, and his belt. I actually wore his grey sweater because I was inspired to!

AJ is also participating in the Take One, Pass It On challenge. When I saw this photo, I immediately pinned it. I knew I would be copying it soon, and guess what? I was right. The problem is that I don't actually own solid purple jeans, black boots, or a cute necklace like she wore. So, I improvised. I felt like the green necklace and the leopard belt would just be too much, so I passed on the belt... this time. I love this look and will be coming up with a new way to replicate it soon.

Today's Take One, Pass It On item: green necklace as seen yesterday.

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  1. I really like this necklace :) And the whole outfit is very nice too .)


  2. My husband is a 6'8" giant with linebacker shoulders soooo anything of his goes down to my knees and the sleeves have to be rolled up to where his elbows would be just to fit my wrists. So yeah. I don't get to raid his closet. Which is a bummer! I would never think that sweater is a mens sweater. It looks great on you!

    1. Also, am I crazy or did you change your header? I like it!

  3. Most of my husbands clothes hang on me, but he does have this hooded sweatshirt with this furry stuff inside. I love to wear that around the house when it's cold.

    I love your look today. This necklace is going to be fun to see you style. I think you are going to have fun with such a cool necklace. AJ's longer white button up just reminded me that I have something similar that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time! Heather

  4. I borrow my hubby's white tees all the time :) Great necklace! And that striped blazer is perfect.

  5. I like that you raid your hubby's closet! I mean one closet just isn't enough ;) I totally would more often except my husband is super tall so his things are a tad too big on me and not in the cute boyfriend kind of way. Love that necklace and this whole look!

  6. My husband is really skinny, so I only wish I could wear his stuff. I love how you styled his sweater with that great big green necklace.

  7. I love that necklace!

    Here's my outfits for the week:

  8. LAHV IT! You made this look fab.I've tried wearing my husbands clothes too, but the shirt I tried to steal ended up being too big. I'm going to definitely keep shopping his side of the closet until I find a new favorite though. I do wear his northface a lot. It's warm.


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