Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pass It On: Black Wedges

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Occasion: Teaching, Attending Class, Giving a Presentation (which I rocked!)
Shirt: The Limited {shop}
Necklace: Amazon {shop}
Bracelet: Groopdealz {list of similars}
Belt: Target {shop}
Skirt: The Limited {similar}
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's {similar}
Wedges: Xhilaration via Target {similarish}

Take One, Pass It On item: Black Wedges (as seen on Monday). Weak, I know, but I just really wanted to wear this outfit today. [Sorry for the wrinkles-- sitting in class will do that to a skirt.]

Speaking of this outfit, let's address something right away. I know what most of you are thinking... "Oh... my... gosh... what a copycat." And you're right.

I saw Rachel from The Pink Peonies wear this outfit last year, and then I pinned it. And then I wore it. What's wrong with that? It's super cute, and I already had all of the pieces. Do you ever copycat? Or is an outfit "off-limits" if you've seen someone else wear it?

Copycatting seems to be a hot topic these days. This is my take on it (at this moment... I reserve the right to change my views, and am eager to hear what you have to say!)...

It is wrong to try to pass off original work as your own.
This means seeing what another blogger does, and doing the same thing, without giving credit. 

Examples include, but are not limited to: 
- Seeing Betty* the blogger wear denim shorts over print leggings on her blog, and then posting a picture of yourself wearing denim shorts over print leggings (without crediting Betty).

- Seeing Betty pose next to the community pool with a curling iron in hand, and then posting a picture of yourself pose next to the community pool with a curling iron in hand (without crediting Betty).

*Betty the blogger is a fictitious character. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I chose the name arbitrarily to create an alliteration.

* * *

Yeah... that's about all I've got. I'm not actually convinced that it's wrong to buy something for the purpose of replicating a look, but it sure is silly. But I take a pretty liberal (?) stance when it comes to copying. We're not doing rocket science, and we're not finding the cure for cancer. We're putting clothes on. When She (whoever she is) wore a sequin skirt with a plaid shirt, did she do something monumental? Maybe in the blogosphere, but that's about it. Now that it's been done, does credit need to be given? Mm.. It depends. If you wear it because you loved the way Betty wore it and wanted to do it, too, then yes. Credit Betty. But if you wear it because you've seen everyone else do it and want to hop on the bandwagon, then credit the bandwagon. This doesn't seem necessary for cases of inspiration, though. Had I not pinned Rachel's photo and had I worn a different color shirt and/or skirt, then I don't see where credit would be due. (I see a distinction to be made between copying and inspiration... we can save this for another day.) After all, a button up shirt, skirt, and bubble necklace aren't anything that special. Right? 

I think blogs are like dominos. Only rarely will someone be that first domino. Whoever it was that did wear a sequin skirt with a plaid shirt, for example, could have arguably been that first domino. Wearing camo pants with a black blazer? I might see Betty do that, but there's a good chance Betty wasn't the first person to do it. And even if she was, as long as I give credit to Betty, what's the big deal? I'm admitting that I rely on inspiration from others.
After all... isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?  What's your take on copying? 


  1. Amen to that! I think BagSnog said it best when she said "Imitation is the sincerest form of... annoying" not crediting the source is extremely frustrating.. I've had that happen to me a few times. I guess you just roll with it! Copied or not, your outfit look fantastic! LOVE the tights!

    It's an Easy Life

  2. I like this post and you bring up a good topic. If you like something someone else wears, then go for it. My take on the giving credit is if it's a blog you interact with regularly then give the credit. You are right though, there are so many variations of similar outfits out in the blogosphere how can you give credit to every single person you see wearing something similar? If I had all the pieces of this outfit, I would definitely wear it and give you credit :) Heather

  3. First of all - love this outfit (hers and yours). Second of all - isn't that why we are all here? To inspire one another? I got into blogging for the inspiration - I loved others, and I wanted to offer some of my own. Of course, I always always credit when I get an idea from someone - and I think everyone should make an effort to do that too! Great to bring up a tough topic though - I love hearing other opinions on this stuff!

  4. I'm a pretty regular copycat (like, I totally copied you in my Monday post), but I always link to the inspiration if I realize I am being a copycat. There are some days where I get dressed, take pictures, blog it, and then a few days later, I will find a very similar pin in my style ideas board. But like you said, most of the outfits I wear aren't exactly cutting edge. So maybe I wore my red jeans with a striped sweater because of a pin that I liked 6 months ago, but I probably would have done that anyway.

  5. First off, I LOVE the outfit! You look really cute!

    And I'm with you on copying - if you got an outfit idea DIRECTLY from someone else, you should give that person credit. But the truth is, it's just clothes. People will always wear things similar to each other - that was the case before style blogging was really even a thing. The whole reason I really read anyone else's blog is for inspiration. That's really the point to me. So I say copy away!

  6. Very cute outfit :) Here's my take on copying: like with my look today I credited Lisa as inspiration, however, I really don't know if I needed too morally as I styled it very differently. If it's cookie cutter then same I think it's only right to give credit. That's my thought. Have a great weekend!

  7. This is seriously so cute! I love the Pink Peony :) I use outfits I pin all the time for inspiration (and I shamefully admit that I do buy pieces sometimes to recreate an outfit, haha).

  8. Hi, I found you blog and I find you photos amazing!!
    It would be nice to follow each other!Step by me if you have time!!

  9. Stopping by after seeing your comment on Fran's blog! Hilarious examples, by the way. My opinion is a little hazy on the subject of copying. I see blogs like J's Everyday Fashion, and while I'm not offended by it, I know a ton of people are. I don't think I've ever seen an outfit and tried to create that exact outfit in my closet, or at least not to my knowledge or remembrance. I think my mind doesn't work like that or something. But then, I'm not offended when I see other people do it. I think creativity is best if you have a blog, and your own unique outfits is what will primarily draw readers, but I mean, should the fashion police come and arrest you because you copied someone's outfit? Not if you give them cred. Sheesh. It just ain't no big thang to me.

    Not sure if any of that comment was credible, understandable or relevant. But hi! I'm following you now.

  10. Love that you have copied the outfit! I think the biggest flatter for a blogger is hearing that other people like their outfits and want to recreate it. I think rather than it being a must that you let the person know that it has been recreated, it is a compliment and linking them into the post to edify them.

  11. I love both PP's outfit, and your interpretation as well! I think it's totally fine to copy outfits, I mean, that's pretty much the point of style blogs, to provide inspiration for other women getting dressed, right? I see so many outfits and styles and get ideas for how to put together my own clothes.

    I think the main issue (that Fran wrote about, I saw you commented so I assume you read her post, hehe) that the blogosphere is talking about is the fact that the one blogger had been copying EVERYTHING the other blogger was doing for YEARS. If you had went out and bought every single item that Betty the blogger had, including hunting down hard-to-find items on ebay, copied her blog content and design, went after the Betty's sponsors to see if they would sponsor you, contacted Betty's followers to see if they would be willing to sell their items that Betty had to you, then that would be crossing the line. Simply wearing one outfit that Betty blogger wore because you happened to have all the same items in your closet? That's totally fine.

  12. Hi Kate! I love how the turquoise "bubble"necklace plays off with the polka dot tights. Fun! And, btw, I just love your hair!!

  13. LOVING those polka dot tights!!!

  14. The polka dot tights really set off the outfit - nice.

  15. I am dying to have polka dot tights! Those look super cute! :)

  16. Adorable outfit! LOVE your tights!

  17. A great idea...fabulous inspiration as well. Love the cute. Love the pop of color with the necklace!! You look beautiful!

  18. It's really cute!

    Found you through the Sunday style link up :)

    Tiff Ima
    Style Honestly

  19. Lovely outfit! I love the pink skirt and the polka dot tights.



    Also, check this out

  21. Love the color combo with the polka dot tights! So cute!


  22. love those polka dot tights!

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style

  23. I think you make great points Kate. I think we are all subconsciously inspired by others. I think crediting others when we realize it is what blogging is about. Once in while it's totally cool to copy another person when you have the pieces to do so - why not ya know? It's when it gets out of hand that it's not cool.

    You're good girl :)

  24. You did an amazing job recreating her look!


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