Monday, January 21, 2013

Mixing Animal Prints

Do you ever plan your outfit the night before? I do. I like to try the outfit on, walk around in it for a bit, and see how I feel. Do you ever wake up the next day and hate the outfit you put together? I do. When this happens, I frantically put together a different outfit as quickly as I can (often because I'm in a hurry running late). Today was one of those days.

Occasion: Hanging out with a friend
Top: Old Navy
Sweater: The Limited
Jeans: Elle via Kohl's
Boots: Lower East Side via Payless

For one reason or another, I wanted to experiment with wearing animal print on top and bottom. Remember last week when I wore floral pants and a floral top {here}? Since most of you didn't hate the look, I thought I'd try it with animal print. Have you ever mixed animal prints? How did it turn out?


  1. I think this works; the print on your jeans is so subtle that it doesn't compete with your shirt.

    All of the animal-printed items I own are small - flats, belt, etc. - and I did mix them together. Animal prints work better in small doses, I find :)

  2. Animal print paired with red is awesome, so I love this look! I think mixing animal prints is definitely doable. Just do it in small doses (i.e. a belt and shoes). Can't wait to see what you come up with! Heather

  3. I'm the same way. I played dress-up for like an hour yesterday! On a day when I'm just lounging around the house, sometimes I wear something I'm not sure about or even hate just to see if my opinion changes. Definitely have to get a feel for some things first. And I love this outfit!

  4. Oh hahah I know that feeling well! My mood changes and then I can no longer STAND what I’m wearing and need to put something else on. For being in a hurry you sure looked cute! And I’m all for print mixing so I like this outfit :)

    Xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. I have never mixed animal prints but now I totally want to try! My goal is to plan the night before but it RARELY happens. Maybe once a week? Sometimes I just go back and forth from Pinterest to my closet - and before I know it, I have ten minutes to get ready. So frustrating!


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