Thursday, January 3, 2013

GOMI and A Journey in Style

This isn't my best look ever, but I'll get to that later. I felt comfortable in this outfit, and better than had I just worn jeans and a tee. Sometimes I consider not posting outfit pictures because they are plain and boring, but then I remind myself that I KNOW that many of my outfits are plain and boring.

But if my outfits are plain and boring as I claim they are, then why blog? 

That's a very good question, and one I still cannot answer (even after writing this post).

Occasion: errands, hanging out w/family
Top: The Limited {same}
Jeans: The Limited {same}
Boots: Madden Girl - gift

So why blog? 

There are plenty of reasons not to; one of which I recently encountered. The other day, I learned about a website known as GOMI {get off my internets}. After scanning the forums for a little bit of time, I felt like all life was sucked out of me. I am admittedly susceptible to negative energy, but this was harsh. For example, J. from J's Everyday Fashion is one of my favorite bloggers, and I never realized how much some people dislike her. Take today's outfit for example:

J. paired a sequin sweater with camo skinnies. I actually really like this outfit -- the sparkle is a nice touch, without being too much. Now, some of the comments on GOMI revealed a disdain for the purse and/or the shoes (a common theme of the general comments against J.). Since I don't have may shoes, and rarely ever carry a purse, I didn't notice, nor do I care. The comments also hash on her post rather than her outfit. Maybe it's just that I don't have much time to read each and every word of ever blog I follow-- I admittedly read my favorites, and skim the others or just look at their pictures. 

Now the other portion of mad hate (apart from so many other popular bloggers) focused on fashion bloggers as a whole. Although I doubt hope my blog will never make it onto GOMI, I feel as if I should state my intention and approach loud and clear.

I like clothes, and I like shopping. I also like putting in minimal effort when I can and want to (including getting dressed!). I do not believe that I am "fashionable". I don't care for runway fashion. Blogging for me is a superficial, trivial hobby, and at the end of the day, means next to nothing. I find more value in the relationships I've built and the opportunity to get a break from school without resorting to watching TV.

Let me explain.

Two years ago, the world of fashion was something entirely foreign to me, and honestly, I had no intention in visiting - let alone moving to that world. I was satisfied attending class every day in jeans and a tshirt. I was satisfied with black dress pants and a cardigan or button-up as my teaching attire. 

And then the unexpected happen. Life happened. I didn't know where I'd be in the fall of 2011, after I had received my Masters degree. I had been applying to PhD programs, but wasn't sure if I would even be accepted to any of them. One day, I was walking through the mall, and saw a sign outside of Charlotte Russe: "Now Hiring". I went in, and asked for an application. On the way out, I wondered whether I could even picture myself working there. Loud music, crammed quarters, teenage clientele? I then asked myself where I would rather work. I went to The Limited, and asked for an application. Three days later I had an interview, and two days after that, was scheduling my training shifts.

Fast-forward two years [to today]. I have a blog, which captures this fashion journey of mine. I've followed some of my favorite bloggers for the past year, and I've seen new blogs sprout left and right. I think we all have our different reasons for blogging. When I first started, it was a way to push myself to wear something other than jeans and tshirts to class. It was also a way to document my outfits, to keep track of what I had worn, what I liked, etc.

I have learned a lot about myself, and I hope to share some of my lessons with you in the upcoming week or two before the semester resumes.

Until then, let me reiterate: I still have no idea what looks good on my body and what does not. I still have no idea what the difference between warm colors and cool colors are, and I don't know which sort look better on me. I have a lot to learn, and a lot of styles I still have yet to try.

The point is, I think most of my outfits are plain effortless. A black sweater and green skinny jeans? Yep. Plain. Effortless. Do I expect anyone to copy this outfit? Probably not. And if they do, it's not because they were inspired by me. I am not pretending to be an inspiration to anyone. I can only hope to inspire people not to go to restaurants in pajamas (which I swear to you, I saw two nights ago, and countless other times), and to show how easy it is to look good without buying expensive clothes every other day.

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog, what it means, and why I do it. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy my journey ... in style.


  1. Websites like these with all the negativity are just ridiculous! Fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Some of the "fancy" fashion blogs in my opinion have some horrible fashion, but blogs like yours for example, I love because I can relate to it.

    You are a normal woman, you shop at stores that I shop at, and you do the blog for yourself. Fashion is definitely a journey and always evolving. Another thing I have learned while blogging is that most of us normal people connect in a way that I never thought. People have real life problems, people have kids, photobombers, etc. The point is that we are real. Since I started blogging and taking photos, I have learned what works for me most of the time. There are more positive people I think than negative. And your outfit is not boring, it's real and it's you! Heather

  2. Yeah, I learned about GOMI a few months ago. I really don't get the fun of trash talking random bloggers. I mean, if you think it is stupid, don't read it. I think it's pretty easy to avoid fashion blogs if you want!

    I definitely enjoy the simple/effortless fashion blogs, as well as the more complicated fashion!

  3. Love your pants, dear!

  4. Hey girl.

    First of all, I want to say that I really like your outfit. I wish my bright green skinnies were more of the color of yours because I think they are fun pair of pants that can be dressed up or down.

    About GOMI: you and your blog would never be featured there because you are an authentic person and blogger. You are open about what you are working on on your wardrobe, and you don't have any hidden agenda. A blog like yours would be respected by the GOMI members, not snarked on. I've learned a lot from reading GOMI and if it wasn't for some people on there keeping it real, I think my blog would be going in a different direction, and for that I am thankful. People really have a problem with inauthenticity, which is why J's Everyday is called out sometimes (about her budgetting and what exactly she is portraying). Other blogs are called out for blatant photoshopping or begging for sponsors. By seeing how others are perceived doing what some consider "normal blogging" things, I have learned to not do those (and maybe I would have because I would have thought they were the norm, ya know?). Anyway, my point is that you do you and if you stay true to yourself, people will respect you. I know I do. We're all struggling to figure out our closets and clothes and how to wear everything so no one could ever say something negative about real working girls navigating their way through dress codes and growing up.


  5. Totally agree with the other commenters. First, I really like your outfit. I respect bloggers that show the real life everyday fashion. It is sad that there are haters out there, I try to remind myself that I do my blog for myself, it is an outlet for me, I love clothes and I love showing people that they can look good for real life on a budget. I buy 90% of my stuff on clearance. Keep staying true to yourself

  6. This was a long post but totally worth reading it. I hate that there exists such negativity in the blogging world sometimes, despite the fact that we don't really know each other. I am not all about sugar-coating things & giving compliments all the time. We should also give criticism but it has to be fundamental & constructive not blow air out of nothing. I happen to love J's Blog & her Style. She is very helpful to many women out there. Actually hers was one of the very first 5 blogs I started reading.

    I am a real girl with real style - like you (we love some of the same stores after all). I almost post every outfit, including boring ones and there have been plenty of those during pregnancy. What I wore today was actually quite boring. Actually you look chic & between Hunter Green & Cognac you got two nice colors paired with Black. =)

    Wishing you a Great Weekend!!

  7. I enjoy your blog because you are real and that is what is most important. It is important to me that bloggers are not just advertising setups, that they show real achievable fashion. I like your green skinnie with the brown boots!!

  8. I feel like I could have written the exact same post, Kate! I'm not really that INTO fashion and I HATE spending money on clothes. So, why do I blog? Well, just like you said, it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I feel like I wear clothes that are so much better than before I started blogging, and I haven't really bought many new things. I love your posts, even the outfits that are "boring" - they are real! Most of us wear "boring" outfits all the time!

    I didn't know about GOMI, but now I'm kind of afraid to look :)

  9. i am so excited to join your classy blog! you are sincere and real, and i love it! i can't wait until your next post too

    i hope you stop and join mine too! cheers to our blog friendship!

  10. Your blogging experience should just make you happy. Dont worry about all the rest :)

    xo Rach


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