Thursday, January 17, 2013

c/o Mom

Today is Third Thursday Links Party over at Work Clothes, I Suppose; the theme is blazers. I have developed a great affection for blazers over the course of this past year. Head on over to the party to show off one of your blazers!

I'm also linking up with Sharon at The Tiny Heart and Tara at The Penniless Socialite for Look What I Got. My look what I got's: this blazer and shirt. (Read more below.)

Occasion: Lunch Date, Errands
Top: J. Crew Factory - gift
Blazer: Banana Republic Factory - gift
Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Madden Girl - gift

I chose to wear this blazer for the link-up so that I could debut it. My Mom bought it for me over Christmas break. She is so sweet; I tell her something that is on my wish list (e.g., a non-black blazer), and she will search high and low, handing me blazer after blazer, hoping to find something I like. She found this blazer and told me that she was buying it for me since it was only $7.50. (Seriously! It was on sale for $15 and the whole store was 50% off!)

I wasn't sure how to style the blazer, so I decided to pair it with a shirt that my Mom had also bought for me on the same shopping trip. (Also a fantastic deal; $29.97 on sale, with an additional 40% off, plus a 15% student discount = $15.28.)

I feel like something is missing in this outfit. I tried on a few necklaces, but none felt right. I would have tried on more, but the husband was rushing me out the door.

In other news, I've decided I'm tired of my bangs.

After seeing this photo, I decided that my bangs require too much maintenance, and since I'm not good at hair to begin with, they really are not for me. (It probably doesn't help that I decided to cut them myself and cut too much.) It is only now, after cutting them, that I have remembered how much of a pain in the butt they were growing out back in 8th grade. This should be interesting.

[Also linking up with Style Elixir]


  1. $7.50!? No way! That is an awesome deal, and your mom is awesome for thinking of you!

    Good luck growing out the bangs. I made the very foolish decision of cutting bangs for myself in middle school, and learned that they really don't play nice with crazy curls! I won't make that mistake again!

  2. That's a score on the blazer! I really like it paired with the pretty turqouise top. Good luck growing out your bangs, it's such a frustrating process.

  3. Such a classic pairing! Thanks for pointing me to Work Clothes...I Suppose! :)

  4. Great dark wash jeans - it looks great on your figure!

  5. Um, $7.50??? What? There is an outlet mall about 30 minutes from where I live and I NEVER go. I have no idea why I don't - I mean, $7.50 for a BR blazer is amazing! I love the way you styled it too - yay for gifts from mom's!

    P.S. I always do that with bangs too - love them for a few weeks and then get really sick of pinning them back every time I have to wash my face!

  6. Hi Kate!

    Your mom is SO sweet!!! How amazing are mom's, I can totally imagine mine doing the same :) It's such a cute blazer - I can't believe it was $7.50! You mom's an amazing shopper!!! The blue shirt looks really pretty on you too.

    Thanks so much for linking up, I enjoyed reading this and really look forward to seeing you again next Wednesday afternoon for Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  7. That blazer was an amazing find! It is such a classic piece that you can wear forever. A few years back I had bangs and I loved how they looked but the maintenance drove me nuts! Thanks for linking up :)

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  8. Aww your mom sounds like an absolute sweetheart. My momma sometimes does the same over little things (like buying me cookies) and i totally melt with gratitude. And I like the blazer- it's fun to try out different colors other than black :)

  9. Awh I love your bangs! I have cut mine myself so many times and messed up, but I think I've finally learned my lesson! I love blazers too :)

  10. $7.50?!?!?!! What. A. Steal. Holy cow! That turquoise color looks great on you, too!

  11. You look so cute! Love the gray with the blue - moms are the best! :)

  12. I think those boots are the ones I've been dying to buy for forever. I'm officially jealous. :)

  13. Thanks so much for linking up! I love this look - definitely thankful for moms who help with fashion!! Button downs and necklaces are tough - but maybe try a short beaded one that fits right around the top??


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