Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winter Wishlist

I've finally taken the time to put my wishlist together for this winter. *Subject to change* (of course)

1. Big chunky sweater - no clue where it comes from - if you have any suggestions, throw them my way!
2. Long print cozy cardigan - {LuLu's}
3. Military vest - {Old Navy - no longer available}
4. Black riding boots - {Penny by Sam Edelman @ Nordstrom}
5. Gold spike bracelet - {Aldo}
6. Combat boots - {Troopa by Steve Madden @ Nordstrom}
7. Puff vest - {Old Navy} -not sure what color I'd get
8. Hoodie inset moto jacket - {Forever 21}
9. Camo skinny pants - {Gap}
10. Wedge sneakers - {Candie's c/o Kohl's} - not sure what color I'd get

So half of the items that are on my wishlist I want because I don't have anything like it yet, and because it's so different and so fun (i.e., #5, 6, 8, 9, 10). But obviously I can't (and won't) get everything on my list. What do you think of these items? 

I'd love your opinion on all of these items, but especially #6 & #10 (combat boots and wedge sneakers). Would you wear combat boots and/or wedge sneakers?

What items are on your wishlist this winter?


  1. I love number 2, I would like to have that kind of sweater too! <3

  2. Both of your sweaters would make my list. Along with a new coat and anything in a tribal print.

  3. Superb wish list! I have that puff vest and it's great!

    Yasi @ Hello, Gorgeous!

  4. I really like your wishlist. The olive green vest is a great pick. I wear mine all year round and it's a great remixing piece. Your #10 boots are super cool, and I think these would be fun to play around with. As for #6, the wedge sneakers, I am not much of a sneakers girl but they are really cute :) Heather

  5. I just ordered that vest, I cannot wait to see how it fits! i am also thinking about the wedge sneakers...


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