Friday, November 16, 2012

Floral Work Top: Take Two

When I became a grad student, I also became a teacher. Taking on the task of teaching college students made it apparent how unprofessional my wardrobe really was. Apart from a pair of black pants, a couple of button-up shirts, and some cardigans, my closet was severely lacking what I call "work-ready" clothes. I made do with what I had, but still felt frumpy (poorly fitting clothes can do that to a girl).

I therefore decided to invest in semi-professional (business-casual) attire. Before I knew it, my closet became predominantly "work-ready" clothes. The downside now is that it takes so long to make it through one rotation of my work clothes. Last semester, I taught three days a week, and apart from pants and cardigans, repeated only a couple tops.

I haven't bought any "teaching-only" clothes since.

The last time I wore this top, I wore it with black pants and a black cardigan.
It looked so drab.

{see post here}
See what I mean by drab? Lacking in spirit, to the max. I wanted to make sure that I added some color to the outfit this time around. I actually thought then that the purple belt was the perfect accent.

Isn't it amazing how much different a top can look when it's paired with particular items? I can't believe how different these outfits look, despite that they revolve around the same top. And I can't believe how it just took a colorful skirt and necklace to do the trick. So effortless. Have you ever revitalized an item by pairing it with different items?  

Occasion: Teaching
Top: The Limited
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Amazon c/o EnyaJewelry - gift {buy here}
Skirt: Target {buy similar here, or here}
Tights & Flats: Target

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  1. This looks great! Two completely different looks. I try to buy things that can be worn as several different outfits that way getting more bang for my buck! Check out some of my looks on my blog!
    I'm pretty new to blogging but if you follow me I will follow back!

  2. I love the new way to wear the top. The color added a great pop to it. It does function as a neutral and a great one.

  3. This is one of my favorite outfits you have ever put together! Love it!


  4. That top looks SO much better once you paired it with all the bright colors. Great necklace!


  5. Love this top with the hot pink necklace! The whole outfit looks so fun.


  6. Cute Outfit! :)) Of course we can follow each other I follow you now ! ;) xx

  7. Thank you for following me! now I'm following you! :)

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! <3

    I thought following each other was a great idea, so I'm following you now! You'll follow me back, right? ;-)

    I love your blog and you are beautiful! This outfit looks absolutely fantastic on you!!

  9. Following now dear! If you want we can follow each other on Fb too, just let me know!

  10. I totally agree with you. I had the same dilemma when i started working in financial firm where our company required only boring black & gray suits. but of course with a touch of colors, it changes the vibe of the entire outfit. this looks great with the pink accents, love it!
    thanks for following hun, I just followed you back :)

  11. Hi, we will follow you on bloglovin, too

  12. Amazing look! I LOVE your necklace!

    I am a new follower now (with gfc & bloglovin`).
    And I will be SOO happy, if you follow me:-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!



  13. I'm following you too =)

  14. I tend to always wear the same outfit/combos. I love the how the colors even brightened your top!


  15. Thanks for following me!!
    I am now following you back.

    I love "real life" style ideas.

  16. Thanks for your comment! Lovely outfit :)
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  17. Hi dear, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I am now following your blog. Cute style. It suits you perfectly :D


  18. Hi Kate! You have a fantastic blog. I`m following you on gfc. Hope you can follow me back. Thanks and happy sunday

  19. i love how you styled the pink bubble necklace! so cute!

  20. The combination with the pink skirt and necklace is a lot better than the all-black one! I love it! And you look like a really professional teacher :)
    Have a great day dear!

  21. Hi lovely outfit,i really like it.
    I follow you now,if you can follow me back i will be glad.
    Let me know!

    Kisses from germany ;)

  22. I like your color combo & that bauble necklace! It's the perfect add-on. PS- Thank you for finding/following my blog, Suburb Chic. I appreciate you!

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog


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