Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Series of Thanks: Day 12

I am thankful for braces. When I was younger, I had a massive overbite (I could stick my finger between my top teeth and bottom teeth and wiggle it back and forth) plus a huge gap between my front two teeth. From fourth to seventh grade, I had appliances, rubber bands, and braces. (Thankfully no headgear for me!) I've often thought my smile and my teeth are my best feature. I am incredibly thankful that my parents had the opportunity to provide this luxury for me. On days like today when I look like a mess, I can flash a grin and feel content. [Didn't someone once say that a smile is the best accessory?]

I call this my "I have a term paper due in less than 24 hours" look.

Shirt: American Eagle - gift from Mom
Cardigan: American Eagle - gift from Mom
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Old Navy
Smile: c/o braces and my parents
Okay, well it's back to fleshing out in what way expensive taste is a problem for the luck egalitarian, and why the choice/luck distinction is epistemically problematic!


  1. Good luck with the term paper. Deadlines always stress me out. Either way, you look great in your plaid top and cardigan. The yellow in the top and pink play well together.

    Kayla went through two rounds of braces and she has beautiful teeth. It's amazing what braces do! Heather

    1. Ah! This makes me think I should have worn my yellow and taupe cap toe flats! Next time!

  2. I think your sense of style is amazing

  3. Thanks for you comment!
    I wore braces for 3 years when I was little, my problems were similar to yours, I can totally relate to your post! Great blog, I'm now following through GFC!


  4. I like your "I have a term paper due in less than 24 hours" look :) and I also had braces and I am very thankfull for them! And also for dentists in general :)

  5. Carina la giacca ;D Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  6. Hi sweet girl :) I follow you on gfc and blogloving and I would really appreciate if you follow back <3
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  7. Thank you for stopping by! And sure I would like to follow each other, love your blog, I am your new follower!

    xx Karolina

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  8. Good luck on the term paper! Ugh...I always procrastinated papers! And I am totally with ya on the braces thing!

  9. I was once told that I unconsciously covered my mouth when I smiled because of the space in my front teeth! thank goodness for braces! I love the plaid with the pink--extra feminine and bright :)


  10. Hi, I just came around your blog and I find it great!It would be great to follow each other, what do u think? I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  11. I just stumbled across your blog! I love your mantra of effortless and's so completely relatable!

    - K.

  12. you are so sweet.....great shirt...

  13. I like this casual look. I need some plaid button-downs in my closet, especially since I will be dressing more casually after the baby. And of course, I can pair them with my long cardigans.

    I keep loving your GIVING THANKS SERIES. Braces end up being the best thing for most people who had them as children or teenagers. Now their teeth are perfect!

  14. Your smile is definitely an amazing accessory. I often wish we had been able to afford braces when I was younger, but I'm still pretty happy with my smile now.

  15. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'd love to follow each other :) I'm now following you via GFC so I hope you'll stop back and do the same :)

  16. Yes yes yes!! Braces are fantastic. My teeth would have been pretty bad had I never had them. I also love your cardi. The color is adorable. Thanks for stopping by our blog! I am glad it lead me to yours. I will definitely be returning.

  17. I had braces too as a kid. I am thankful to not have that large gap between my front teeth. And that is a pretty nice outfit just for term paper writing.
    Penniless Socialite

  18. Love the contrasting colors here with the yellow and hot pink! I thoroughly enjoyed my philosophy classes...but always felt incredibly lost by the end of what always became circular arguments! good times ;)


  19. I have braces right now, and I'm defiantly thankful for them. Anyays, I love your cardigan! The pink is so cute!


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