Monday, October 29, 2012

Teal Monday

This is the first year my (non-teaching days) fall wardrobe consists of more than jeans and sweatshirts. I'm still trying to get a hang of it. Like today, I chose to wear my dark teal cowlneck sweater. But when paired with jeans, the outfit seems... dark. And sufficiently lacking color. Is this something I need to get used to, or is there a way to avoid it? 

Occasion: Attending lecture
Sweater: The Limited {buy similar here, here}
Jacket: Gap {buy in different colors here}
Jeans: Charlotte Russe - old
Flats: Jennifer Lopez c/o Kohl's
I decided to add the jacket for the pop of color, and to go with cap-toe flats, but I'm still not convinced that the shoes add the appropriate amount of color. Do you think this outfit is too dark when worn without the jacket? How would you add color? Or would you just embrace the darkness? {Sorry for the overuse of the word "dark"... I can't think of a synonym right now.}

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  1. I think this outfit is cute! I love th blazer!

  2. I adore this blazer! Great choice.

  3. Oh my goodness! LOVE the blazer!!!


  4. i love that blazer!! so cute!

  5. Whenever I'm faced with this problem I like to add color in my accessories. The shoes are a good start but I would pair this sweater with a great statement necklace! I love the blazer though! It adds a good amount of color but if you wanted to do without the blazer jewelry is always a good option for added color.

    1. Generally I would do the same, but with a cowl as big as this one, I don't even know where to put it. On top of the cowl? Or wear a long necklace?

  6. The jacket is a definite YES! It really takes the outfit to a whole new level.

    I took your survey, that is a great idea!


  7. i am in love wth that jacket! absolutly beautiful!

    I don't think its too dark without although I love wearing dark colors all the time! I thought it looked nice and cozy yet polished with out the jacket altough the jacket adds a great splash!


  8. That jacket is adorable! Love how you styled it!

  9. I love your outfit! I don't think its too dark because you wore lighter jeans. If I wear a dark top, I try to wear lighter jeans, and dark jeans with a lighter colored top. The pops of color from the blazer and shoes look great! I'm your newest follower!!!


  10. The jacket adds a great pop of color, but I don't think there is anything wrong with the navy sweater, jeans, and neutral shoes. I think its a great fall casual look!

    Wish I would have known you were from the St. Joe's area before our trip! Thanks for following! I check your site nearly every day but realized I wasn't following either - I've fixed that!


  11. I think the jacket adds enough because it's so bright and adorable on its own! If you were wearing the outfit without the jacket, it's definitely more of a monochrome look, which I like, but you could always throw in some accessories like a long pendant necklace, a belt, or something else to break up the color?

  12. I like the outfit--it's true that without the jacket it's very monochromatic, but there's nothing wrong with choosing that kind of style for a day!

  13. Definitely like the top/jacket combo. What about wearing white jeans?

  14. super super cute blazer!! love the color *.* A kiss, THESPARKLINGCINNAMON <3
    CHECK OUT new post on my BLOG--->Autumn Leaves
    <---And let me know if you like my outfit!!! <3

  15. heygirl! thanks for stopping by last week with wiww. sorry i'm just making it over to say hay! loving the pink with that navy! one super cute chick!

  16. I LOVE the fun pop of color with the jacket. Looks great over the navy sweater. I think the easiest way to add color would be through your accessories. Even with the cowl, you would wear a long, brightly colored necklace (or 2!). Also, if you want to go a little bolder, why not try out some colored denim or colored cords? A burnt orange or dark green changes things up without being too loud. Thanks for linking up to Real Girl Style!


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