Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grey is the New Black

I learned something about myself today. I like waking up and having my outfit already picked for me. Granted, I generally spend too much time trying to make that decision the night before, but still. It's nice to wake up and not have to go through that in the morning, and have the added pressure of the time crunch. 

Occasion: Attending class
Top: Banana Republic - gift
Cardigan: Target
Scarf & Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Payless {buy same here}
{Sorry for the low quality photos - I didn't get home until real late tonight.}

The Journey I took to put together this outfit...
1. Chose the scarf (because I haven't worn it in a long time)
2. Chose burgundy pants to coordinate with the scarf
3. Chose grey top - (a) because I haven't worn it in a long time, and (b) it matched the burgundy, and was a good canvas for the scarf
4. Decided against the burgundy pants; swapped them for skinny jeans
5. Wanted something that would cover my backside. Looked through my longer cardigans. Decided against dark purple, green, navy, black, pink. Chose striped cardigan.
6. Needed something for the feet. Saw the grey in the shirt and cardigan. Chose grey boots.
7. Approved outfit. 
 [hours later]
8. Realized I was mixing prints! (Floral scarf & striped cardigan!) Gasp!

Have you ever tried to chart the course you took in putting an outfit together? Is it simple and straightforward, or do you find yourself swapping one thing out for another more than once?


  1. Looking cute :)
    I also like it when I decide what to wear the evening before, especially when I have to get up early.

  2. Ha ha! Great process. Your pattern mixing is great and that floral scarf is so pretty. I usually start with one thing, like a pair of shoes or something, and then build around that. Getting dressed is definitely a process and a journey :) Heather

  3. thats great! Exactly what we all go through in the morning!

    xo Rach

  4. I love that scarf!
    And I definitely pick out my outfits e night before too, but I tend to tweak me in the morning lol
    Love this look! :)


  5. Cute outfit! I love the scarf!

    I give mad credit to anyone that can pick out an outfit the night before. I've never been able to. Usually I put together what I'll wear that day in my head while I shower.

    And I've never really thought about the process of putting something together. I think it starts with 1 part I want to wear and then I build around it. Interesting concept.

    Brandi @ The Pink Polka Dot Blog

  6. You look so cute. I love the scarf!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I agree! I have been loving grey lately!


  8. I am the same way! I only look cute when I have somehting picked out the night before. Im like a third grader!!

  9. I love you revealing what it took to put this outfit together. I can definitely relate.... I have never started with a scarf. Like that idea a lot.

  10. great look girl! lovely blog you have!


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