Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Copycats and Kohl's

Do you ever stumble upon a photo and know right then and there that you will be - without a doubt - replicating that very look in the near future? That's how I felt when I saw Lindsay from Lindsay J Everyday pair this shirt with a peachy coral cardigan {seen here}.

Occasion: Casual dinner & drinks w/the girls
Top: The Limited {buy here} {last seen here}
: Talbots - borrowed from Mom
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Flats: Target

After dinner with the girls, there was a quick stop made at Kohl's. It was a good night to go. I swear, all of the shoes on the clearance rack were either $11.99 or $13.99!! Unfortunately the selection in my size was quite limited, and consisted mostly of super high heels or super platform wedges. It was almost tempting to get some of them just because of their prices. Almost.

I did find these:

I like them but I'm not sure whether they are keepers or not. I found a wedge on sale at DSW recently. It is different, but not different enough to justify having both. (But I could be convinced otherwise, wink wink.) Click here to see the wedge (in tan) and then leave a comment below telling me which shoe you like more!

I also found this dress:

Source: kohls.com via a journey on Pinterest

I had seen this one on the racks all summer long but kept passing because I wasn't willing to shell out $40 $30, but today I happened to find them on sale for $12.80. I say 'them' because I also found this one in a shade of turquoise blue which I found quite charming, but it was so much looser in the bust than the purple one, like someone had stretched it out. Bummer.

I'm undecided on it because I already have a purple maxi dress... but I love purple. And a low cut maxi dress is not the same thing as a knee-length v-neck, right?

Last thing... 
I WANT YOU TO VOTE!! I've been spending so much time lately online shopping for a new boot, but have yet to find one I love. In the mean time, I have found some I like that will keep me satisfied until I find this ideal, perfect boot that might not actually even exist.

What do you think of suede, slouchy boots, as seen below? And what color is better? Grey or black? My plan would be to wear these with jeans. I'm not sure whether they could be worn with tights and skirts. What do you think? {I appreciate your responses!!} And is there a boot (style, color, material, shape, brand, whatever) you recommend??



  1. Cute outfit! I am a huge fan of stripes!
    Have a great day!

  2. love this look! i'm obsessed with the button-up/cardi combo lately... your stripped blouse would be a great replacement for my heart shirt obsession:) i vote for the grey boots and i like the Kohls wedges best... i feel like you will get more wear out of them into the fall season. love your blog... new follower:)

    1. Thank you so much for your votes! I really appreciate it!

  3. I'm torn on the boots. I have a pair of grey boots that I love. They give a look a bit more casual of a look, which is what I'm usually going for. I like Steve Madden, but only buy them at DSW :) Of course there's frye but boy are they expensive

    1. I have never heard of Frye.. just shows you how out of the loop I am! I'm ready to invest in a pricey pair (I would love Italian leather and not something made in China), but in the mean time, I'm willing to settle on something at a low price point. Thanks for your input :)

  4. You look great! Glad my outfit inspired you :)
    I have a pair of grey boots I got from Target years ago and they are definitely one of m favorite pairs. Go for the grey, you will be surprised how much you wear them with.



    1. Thanks, Lindsay! Both for the inspiration and for the vote! I am leaning towards grey since I think they will work for an everyday look, which is partially what I'm going for anyway. (I'm also trying to find a boot to wear with dressed up skirts and dresses.)

  5. Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy - love this look! I have the same top and will need to keep this as an outfit idea.

    I vote for the gray boots - they just add a little bit of unexpected but still very versatile!


  6. I'm a big fan of black boots because they can be paired with so many different looks! I'm currently on the hunt myself for a nice pair. :)

  7. You can wear the boot with tights...dresses and skirts too. Rock them gray boot!!

  8. I love your striped blouse, and it looks great with your pink sweater! I also vote for the gray boots - there is something about gray that looks cozier than black. =)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I really like your work outfit ideas and just started following you via GFC. Would love it if you decided to follow me too!

  9. Love the striped blouse and cardigan combo! So cute!


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