Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghost Cake

It's been a long day. I'm exhausted. It's that time of year where the homework piles on, the paper deadlines are looming, and the students are always at your door asking for something. Sigh. I love my job.

Occasion: Teaching
Top, Cardigan, Belt, Pants
: The Limited
Shoes: Christian Siriano c/o Payless
By the way, the cardigan is a light purple (lavender). And yes, those are chalk stains on my pants. Oh well. Happy Halloween! {It didn't even cross my mind that today was Halloween until one of my colleagues told me there was cake in the mail room. The cake was chopped up in non-square pieces, and I was so confused. "Kate-- it's a ghost cake. Or at least it used to be in the shape of a ghost." Oh. Ha. One of those days.

Do you celebrate Halloween? Or does the day pass you by like any other?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grey is the New Black

I learned something about myself today. I like waking up and having my outfit already picked for me. Granted, I generally spend too much time trying to make that decision the night before, but still. It's nice to wake up and not have to go through that in the morning, and have the added pressure of the time crunch. 

Occasion: Attending class
Top: Banana Republic - gift
Cardigan: Target
Scarf & Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Payless {buy same here}
{Sorry for the low quality photos - I didn't get home until real late tonight.}

The Journey I took to put together this outfit...
1. Chose the scarf (because I haven't worn it in a long time)
2. Chose burgundy pants to coordinate with the scarf
3. Chose grey top - (a) because I haven't worn it in a long time, and (b) it matched the burgundy, and was a good canvas for the scarf
4. Decided against the burgundy pants; swapped them for skinny jeans
5. Wanted something that would cover my backside. Looked through my longer cardigans. Decided against dark purple, green, navy, black, pink. Chose striped cardigan.
6. Needed something for the feet. Saw the grey in the shirt and cardigan. Chose grey boots.
7. Approved outfit. 
 [hours later]
8. Realized I was mixing prints! (Floral scarf & striped cardigan!) Gasp!

Have you ever tried to chart the course you took in putting an outfit together? Is it simple and straightforward, or do you find yourself swapping one thing out for another more than once?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Teal Monday

This is the first year my (non-teaching days) fall wardrobe consists of more than jeans and sweatshirts. I'm still trying to get a hang of it. Like today, I chose to wear my dark teal cowlneck sweater. But when paired with jeans, the outfit seems... dark. And sufficiently lacking color. Is this something I need to get used to, or is there a way to avoid it? 

Occasion: Attending lecture
Sweater: The Limited {buy similar here, here}
Jacket: Gap {buy in different colors here}
Jeans: Charlotte Russe - old
Flats: Jennifer Lopez c/o Kohl's
I decided to add the jacket for the pop of color, and to go with cap-toe flats, but I'm still not convinced that the shoes add the appropriate amount of color. Do you think this outfit is too dark when worn without the jacket? How would you add color? Or would you just embrace the darkness? {Sorry for the overuse of the word "dark"... I can't think of a synonym right now.}

ALSO... would you do me a favor and take a quick survey? Thanks!!

Please leave a comment below if you prefer to find other information not listed above!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liebster Award

I'm very excited that Aubree nominated me for this award! Check out her blog:

Here's How it Works: The Liebster award is given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
What is a Liebster?

The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

1. Each person much post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the nominator made for you and also create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate
3. Choose 11 people and link them to your post
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

11 facts about Kate:
1) I always laugh at the State Farm commercials with Aaron Rodgers. (Can't stand the Packers, though. Go Bears.)
2) I can speak (fluent) Serbian, Italian, and French. I also studied Latin in high school.
3) I spent my sophomore year of college in Rome, Italy (study abroad).
4) I have state records for weightlifting (snatch and clean & jerk).
5) I used to be a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan.
6) I don't own an iPhone, and I probably never will.
7) I'm a terrible singer, but quite good at karaoke video games.
8) I hate bananas. I hate the smell, the texture, the taste. Ugh. So gross.
9) I hate the sound of cracking/popping joints. If I hear it and don't know it's coming, I will freak out.
10) I sleep with a teddy bear. And as of two weeks ago, a stuffed Darth Vader.
11) I love rainstorms.

11 questions Aubree asked:

1) What is the meaning of your name and do you know how you got it?
My real name is Katarina. It means pure, or clean spirit. I was named after my mother's grandmother.
2) What is your favorite thing to do (besides blog!)
 Sleep. Seriously, grad school is exhausting.
3) What is your high school stereotype? (nerd, popular kid, band geek, etc.)
4) Why did you name your blog what it is named?
I wanted to convey the idea that my style is constantly changing. I also chose the name to give me the opportunity to do write some reflective pieces down the road.
5) What is your favorite quote?
 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. -Proverbs 3:5
6) If you could go back in time what time period would you go to?
7) What are you going to be/what have you been in the past for Halloween?
 I've been a bunny, beat up soccer player, cat, witch, ballerina.
8) Who is your favorite singer?
 Umm... Taylor Swift?
9) What is one annoying habit you wish you could break?
 Wasting time.
10) If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at one place, what would it be?
 Nordstrom. Good quality, lots of variety.
11) What is your hidden talent?
Foreign languages. I can speak three (Serbian, Italian, French), am teaching myself Spanish (and can read it), and studied Latin in high school.

11 questions for you! :
1) What is your dream career?
2) What do you do to relieve stress?
3) What is your favorite thing about 2012?
4) Why did you name your blog what it is named?
5) What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
6) How many shoes do you own? Is that too many or too few?
7) What is your favorite thing about yourself?
8) What is your favorite season to dress for?
9) What is your favorite part of blogging?
10) What are your biggest pet peeves?
11) What are you thankful for?

Now for my nominees!
Work Clothes, I Suppose  (

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Like J: Polka Dots and Red-Orange

I'll admit it. I copied this look from J of J's Everyday Fashion. Get used to it. I copy her looks on a weekly basis. She's just that good. {See her version here.} I never would have thought of matching my necklace to my cardigan - I always thought necklaces should add a pop of color, or serve as an accent. But I tried it, I liked it, and I'll probably do it again!

Occasion: Attending class
Top: Lauren Conrad c/o Kohl's
{buy similar in plum or teal}
Cardigan & Jeans: The Limited
Necklace: Forever 21
Wedges: Merona c/o Target

Which do you like more? Top left out, or tucked in? 
{A huge gust of wind invaded my top-tucked-in picture taking.}

I was considering tucking this top in, but I actually let it go untucked for a more comfortable and relaxed look. In the past, I would never let a shirt go untucked. Do you have a preference between tucking tops in or leaving them untucked? Is the basis of the preference comfort or aesthetics?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am really getting a kick out of this weather. Unfortunately, every time I look at the ten-day forecast, the outlook looks less and less promising. Sigh. I guess October had to feel like October at some point. On another note, I'm really excited for snow!!! 

Occasion: Proctoring an Exam
Top: The Limited - gift
Necklace: gift from Brazil
Watch: Premier Jewelry - gift

s: The Limited
Flats: Xhiliration c/o Target
There is one person in my life I would describe as "the perfect gift-giver". That person is my sister-in-law, Amanda. For Easter, she sent a care package with this sweater top in it. Chocolate? Candy? Knee-high pastel striped socks? New clothing from The Limited? What more could a girl ask for? 

Do you have any friends or family who always give the perfect gift? Or are you the one who knows what everyone likes to wear? What is your strategy - in general - for buying gifts? 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hello, Beautiful Day

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 
When it's 80 degrees in October, go outside!

Top, Belt, Necklace: The Limited
Crops: Loft
Shoes: Dana Buchman c/o Kohl's
I can't believe how much better outfit photos look when they're taken outside! The color is so much more vivid and accurate - for lack of better words - to what the clothes actually look like! [Light is such an interesting concept -- as is perception in general -- but we can save that discussion for another day.]

 On another note, I like to make goals. Most of the time, I can't keep them. But every now and then, I can. My goal recently has been to wear the clothes that have long been neglected. I've had this shirt since spring of 2011, but haven't worn it since the first day of school last year (September 2011). I decided today was a perfect day to wear it.

Have you heard the word? The word is 'fallify'. {I first encountered it on Bri's blog (Work Clothes, I Suppose) - who credits Laura from Twelve by Six.} One easy way to make a summer style more appropriate for fall is by adding boots; I did this yesterday. I was considering doing it today, too, but when it's 80 degrees in October, the thought of boots makes me sweat. So I wonder: is it really necessary to fallify? Can't we just pull our spring and summer clothes back out and celebrate the occasion? 

Have you packed away your bright and bold colored clothing? If you put away your warm weather clothing, do you keep it packed up until spring? And do you love abnormally warm weather in October as much as I do?

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Green and Leopard

Pinterest is such a great resource. Recently, I came across this photo. There was just something about the green and leopard together that I really liked. I decided this morning to pair green with leopard. Even though the weather called for an atypical October day (70+ degrees), I couldn't bring myself to just throw on a pair of denim crops. I had to take advantage of the warm front by... wearing a dress as a skirt? Apparently so.

Scarf: The Limited {buy similar here, here}
Top: Old Navy {last worn here}
Dress (as skirt): The Limited {last worn here}
Belt: The Limited {buy similar here}
Boots: Madden Girl - gift
{Do forgive me as the quality of these photos changes on a daily basis.
I'm still trying to figure out where I can get a clean backdrop with optimal lighting.}

These are the same boots I wore last week - I folded them up because the studs on the cuffs kept leaving imprints on my legs when I had them crossed. It turns out that I liked the look of them folded up, so I just kept them that way. It's not clear whether they were intended to be worn that way or not.

I think this look could easily be remixed for a spring look by replacing the boots with flats or sandals and losing the leopard scarf, or replacing it with a floral print, for example. Is most of your closet made of up clothes that can be worn year-round? Do you consider whether an item can be worn throughout the year when purchasing it?

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Do Something Different

Lately I've felt that my outfits are somehow lacking. I think it's because I've been playing it safe. I've been sticking with what I know and falling back on old favorites. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I think it's important - for all areas of life - to challenge oneself, and take a step or two beyond the perimeters of the comfort zone. In other words, fashion tip of the day: do something different.

Dress: Old Navy {last worn here}
Jacket: The Limited {last worn here}
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights: ? - gift from Mom
Boots: Mootsies Tootsies c/o Kohl's
I stepped outside of my comfort zone and challenged myself today in several ways. Today was really a day of firsts for me. Today was the first day I've ever worn a dress and boots. Today was the first day I've ever worn a dress and a blazer in public (yes, I have featured a few dress + blazer outfits on the blog, but they've never actually seen the light of day).

Can you tell that my tights are black, my boots are brown, and my jacket is navy? I'm sure that breaks some fashion law out there somewhere, but I'm too busy being proud of myself out here in non-comfort zone. It's quite refreshing.

Do you have a comfort zone? What are the boundaries? How often do you go outside of it? And once you've gone outside of it, do you feel like your comfort zone has just expanded? After today, I feel like wearing a dress and boots is no longer scary. Now it's just part of what I'm comfortable with. Fashion is a funny thing, eh?

If you haven't already, stop by Work Clothes, I Suppose for the First Ever Third Thursday Threads Link Up. The theme of this link-up is boots! Submit your own look -- which doesn't even have to be from today, anytime in the last week or two is good!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Shout Out to My Readers

Thank you to all my lovely readers who commented on yesterday's post. I was worried that I was slacking on my outfit because it was just a sweater and slacks combo. To those of you who assured me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing "just" a solid colored sweater and black pants, thank you. I took your advice for today's outfit, and I did what works. 

I am linking up with Work Clothes, I Suppose for the First Ever Third Thursday Threads Link Up. The theme of this link-up is boots!

This is another opportunity for me to thank those of you who voted a while back... I chose the grey ones :) Head on over to the link up and submit your own look -- which doesn't even have to be from today, anytime in the last week or two is good!

Sweater: Target {buy here}
Scarf, Necklace, & Tee: The Limited
Jeans: Target
Boots: Payless {buy here}

Want to hear a story about good timing? I've seen J. Crew's Tippi Sweater all over the internet. I was actually considering shelling out $80 for it (or hoping to get it on sale for $60). Then one day, I stumble upon a blog (can't remember which one, though) featuring Target's version. For $15, I knew I couldn't pass it up. By that time, nearly all of the sweaters in my local store had been sold (except for the XXLs). I went a town over to get this color in my size, and even they only had one left {sold out online}. It is so soft. I am so happy that I did. Fingers crossed that it holds up!

On an unrelated note, I didn't originally intend to wear this scarf. I decided to grab one since it was so windy this morning, and I chose this one to match the white from my tee and the grey from my boots. I left the necklace because it matched my new "Do What Works" philosophy. Do you have a fashion philosophy? Or, what's the best piece of fashion advice you've received?

Again, thank you for reading, thank you for following -- if you're not, you should :P -- and thank you for the comments. They always brighten my day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coral and Stripes

Today I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Transatlantic Blonde!

Shirt, Sweater, Pants: The Limited
Flats: Christian Siriano c/o Payless
Despite the fashion journey I'm on, and the great style tricks and tips I've learned along the way, sometimes I just fall back on old favorites. Old habits die hard, am I right?

Nothing I'm wearing might be considered "in style," but I'm okay with that. Or is this mentality the new thing? Ahh.. maybe I'm over-thinking things too much. Coming in on the end of the semester will do that to you :-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's the Name of That Color Again?

Today's outfit was inspired by Audrey from Putting Me Together.

Same drill as yesterday. I looked at a picture, I realized I had the "ingredients", and so I put the outfit together and called it a day. No, I take that back. When I put my shirt on, my outfit felt incomplete. So, I added the necklace, and then I called it a day.

Shirt: Tommy Hilfger c/o ? - gift
Necklace: Amazon
Belt: borrowed from husband
Crops: Loft
Wedges: Target
By no means am I an expert with the camera (at least not yet), so believe me when I say that my shirt is soft pink. My crops, on the other hand, are more or less the color pictured. What's the name of that color again? Dark red?

Ha, I'm just kidding. I know that it's burgundy maroon varsity red crimson oxblood. {Right?} Okay, so I am clueless. I feel like Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada." Now if I can just find my Meryl Streep....

{ignore the ad. watch the clip.}

"What you don't realize is that sweater is not just blue, it's not turquoise,
it's not lapis, it's actually cerulean."

How well do you know your colors? How do you know what distinguishes oxblood from burgundy or maroon? Are we as bloggers allowed to just slap a name on a color and be done with it?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Safari Green and Stripes

I am linking up with Work Clothes, I Suppose for the First Ever Third Thursday Threads Link Up. The theme of this link-up is boots! Head on over to the link up and submit your own look -- which doesn't even have to be from today, anytime in the last week or two is good!

We make so many decisions on a daily basis. Some are decided effortless, or non-consciously; whether to drink coffee from the red mug or blue, whether to put the left boot on before the right. Other decisions require serious consideration; should I quit my job? Should I get a dog? ... For me, deciding on an outfit falls somewhere between the two, although ideally deciding outfits would be entirely effortless.

Today, it was. As I was drinking my morning coffee, I visited J's blog. After looking at the components of the outfit (the shirt, pants, etc.), I quickly realized that all of those items (or something quite similar) could be found in my closet. That's when I said to myself, "This is what I'm wearing today."

it's hard to see, but I added a pink necklace to
add a feminine touch

Top: The Limited {last seen here}
Jacket: The Limited {last seen here}
Necklace: The Limited
Belt: The Limited {last seen here}
Pants: The Limited
Watch: Premier Jewelry - gift
Boots: Madden Girl - gift
I don't have black skinny jeans, so I opted for my Exact Stretch pants. [Have you ever tried Exact Stretch from The Limited? They are a fantastic alternative to skinny jeans.] I also don't have a military jacket, so I opted for my safari jacket... although it's still not entirely clear to me what the difference between a military and safari jacket actually is. I also felt like this outfit lacked a feminine touch, so I added the pink necklace (sorry that it's hard to see). I was quite comfortable wearing this outfit. Added bonus, if I say so!
What do you think? Do you like this outfit (and/or J's version)? Would you wear something like this? If not, why not, or what would you change about this outfit to make it more wearable?

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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Favorite Color

Hooray for Friday! You would think that I'd be used to getting up so early. At least I'm getting good at literally picking out my clothes it the dark (okay, so I have the light of my cell-phone to guide me). [I don't turn on the lights to let the hubby sleep, and I go to bed without remembering to lay out my clothes the night before.]

Occasion: Teaching/Leading discussion
Button-up: The Limited {last worn here}
Sweater: Target - gift {last worn here}
Pants: The Limited {buy here}
Flats: Target
I like purple. I bought a white button up shirt with purple stripes in an effort to get more "work" clothes. I like purple, and fall victim to buying some clothes just because there's purple on it. The button up shirt is one example of falling prey to purple. The sweater, however, was a stocking stuffer from the husband. He picked it out because he knows I love purple (and because he had a coupon that brought it down to $7).

Do you ever buy something just because of it's color? Does one color dominate your closet?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Miss Matched

Today I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Transatlantic Blonde for another round of What I Wore Wednesday!

Occasion: Teaching
Top: The Limited
Pants: Apt 9 c/o Kohl's
Flats: Christian Siriano c/o Payless

I'm not quite sure how well this all goes together (the cowlneck, the pants, the leopard print flats, and the pearly-silver dangly earrings)...  but that's okay. You can just call me Miss Matched. 

When I plan my outfits, I generally focus on the clothes and forget about the shoes and the accessories. By the time I realize I need to get these things together, I'm in a rush and can't focus. I find this somewhat humorous (and odd) considering how vital of a role shoes and accessories play. How much time do you spend deciding on shoes and accessories for the day? 

We all take turns being Miss Matched sometimes. Have you had a turn recently? How did that go?

{I do apologize for my awful, terrible pun. I just can't resist sometimes.}

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Copycats and Kohl's

Do you ever stumble upon a photo and know right then and there that you will be - without a doubt - replicating that very look in the near future? That's how I felt when I saw Lindsay from Lindsay J Everyday pair this shirt with a peachy coral cardigan {seen here}.

Occasion: Casual dinner & drinks w/the girls
Top: The Limited {buy here} {last seen here}
: Talbots - borrowed from Mom
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Flats: Target

After dinner with the girls, there was a quick stop made at Kohl's. It was a good night to go. I swear, all of the shoes on the clearance rack were either $11.99 or $13.99!! Unfortunately the selection in my size was quite limited, and consisted mostly of super high heels or super platform wedges. It was almost tempting to get some of them just because of their prices. Almost.

I did find these:

I like them but I'm not sure whether they are keepers or not. I found a wedge on sale at DSW recently. It is different, but not different enough to justify having both. (But I could be convinced otherwise, wink wink.) Click here to see the wedge (in tan) and then leave a comment below telling me which shoe you like more!

I also found this dress:

Source: via a journey on Pinterest

I had seen this one on the racks all summer long but kept passing because I wasn't willing to shell out $40 $30, but today I happened to find them on sale for $12.80. I say 'them' because I also found this one in a shade of turquoise blue which I found quite charming, but it was so much looser in the bust than the purple one, like someone had stretched it out. Bummer.

I'm undecided on it because I already have a purple maxi dress... but I love purple. And a low cut maxi dress is not the same thing as a knee-length v-neck, right?

Last thing... 
I WANT YOU TO VOTE!! I've been spending so much time lately online shopping for a new boot, but have yet to find one I love. In the mean time, I have found some I like that will keep me satisfied until I find this ideal, perfect boot that might not actually even exist.

What do you think of suede, slouchy boots, as seen below? And what color is better? Grey or black? My plan would be to wear these with jeans. I'm not sure whether they could be worn with tights and skirts. What do you think? {I appreciate your responses!!} And is there a boot (style, color, material, shape, brand, whatever) you recommend??


Friday, October 5, 2012

Seasonal Confusion

Remember that one time I wore a skirt? Oh yeah, that was two days ago. Wednesday saw a high of 80, today's high calls for 55. Crazy, eh? I obviously forgot what 55 feels like, since I thought I'd be fine in a jacket and pants.

Jacket: Gap {other colors here} {worn here}
Top: The Limited {worn here and here}
Pants: The Limited
Necklace: Fun Daisy Jewelry c/o Amazon {buy here}
Shoes: Christian Siriano c/o Payless

Fashion tip of the day: pair bulky tops/jackets with a chunky statement necklace! Keep balance in mind, though. If you're wearing a lot on top, keep the bottom minimal (skinny jeans/pants, shorts, etc.).

Embarrassing moment of the day: during discussion, two students were staring at my belly area. I didn't think anything of it since it was 8am, and I figured they were just coincidentally staring at the same spot. About five minutes before the end of class I looked down and realized my top had curled up above my stomach. Good thing I had a cami on under my top! Have you ever had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?
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