Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Link-Ups

Today, I am linking up with Marion's Trend of the Month Challenge! The challenge this month was pattern mixing. I am not a member of the pattern mixing club. I've dipped my toes in the pool a couple of times {here}, but have yet to jump in... until today.

I am also linking up with The Pleated Poppy

Dress: Merona c/o Target {buy here}
Blazer: Shade Clothing {buy here}
Belt & Necklace: The Limited
Sandals: Merona c/o Target

Would you wear these two patterns together?

Or would you take the easy way out and wear the dress by itself?

[Sorry about the quality of these photos... I'm not quite sure what's going on]

Any advice for pattern mixing? Does the striped jacket work with the print dress?


  1. Hey Kate, I really like your combo! It caught my eye on Marion's blog! Great choice. I especially love your dress and pop of yellow (one of my fave colors)!


    1. Thanks, Monica! I have found myself loving yellow for accessories lately! It's just so fun :)

  2. I love that jacket! I've been looking for a striped jacket...definitley going to check this one out! Thanks!

    1. Too funny! I got this jacket after seeing another blogger wear it (I had been in the market for quite some time). It's so comfortable and is such a great piece!

  3. I like that dress. And it looks good with the stripe jacket. Awesome!

    Mary, MI

  4. I love the stripes with the floral! It looks like we used similar blazers.... who knew it would be so versatile! Happy pinning!


    1. This jacket is proving to be so versatile! I have so many ideas once cooler weather comes!


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