Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Statement Necklace Link-Up

Today I am linking up with Marion and The Pleated Poppy!

Top & Skirt: The Limited
Necklace: Amazon {buy here}
Shoes: Jennifer Lopez c/o Kohl's

Last night I came up with at least fifteen outfits, all around a bubble necklace. I had decided which one I would wear today (for my first sections of discussion of the semester!), but that went out the window when I woke up with terrible bloating. {TMI? Sorry.} I swapped a camel pencil skirt for the one above and called it a day. Crisis averted. Do you plan your outfits the night before? If so, do you have back-up plans (outfits) ready? If you don't plan the night before, then how long does it put together an outfit? What is your strategy?


  1. I have that necklace in yellow and adore it!! It's everywhere these days too. Love the skirt too!

  2. Gorgeous necklace and shoes! I never plan my outfits the night before. I have always wanted to, it just never happens. I have my closet organized, where I have all my work clothes together, all my non-work clothes together, and then it's sectioned by other things, as well. This def helps me choose quickly. If I don't have to wash my hair, (takes an hour alone to dry and style) I can be up, ready, and out the door in 25 mins.

    1. I wish I could wait until the morning- if I don't at least think about what I want to wear, I cannot fall asleep. Weird? Maybe.

  3. LOVE the teal and purple. too cute :) xox


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