Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Repeating Color Schemes

The first time I wore this top, I paired it with green shorts {here}. That was an easy match. Since then, I have lacked ideas as to how to wear it again. Then I remembered one of my own tips for effortless style: repeat color schemes.

Top, Shorts, & Flip flops: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
The first time I put blue and black together {here}, I wore a black turtleneck and black skirt. This time, I just flipped them around; blue top, black bottoms. Voila! Effortless style. 

What are some of your favorite color schemes? Where do you find your inspiration?


  1. tnx Kate for stopping by....follow you now.. ;)

  2. Love the top! It is such a gorgeous color, especially paired with black. Favorite color combos...pink and yellow, red and turqouise, red, black and white, orange and purple, and teal blue and royal blue.

    1. Thanks! Pink and yellow is such a good idea! I tend to pair pink with blue and just resort to using yellow as an accent color, but I like that idea! I'll have to try it soon!


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