Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reader's Choice: Olive vs. Coral

I'm digging on two pairs of wedges, but I can't decide between them! I need your help!

What would I like from you?
Your opinion!!!


- Reason(s) why one over the other
- Whether 3" is too high?
- What time of the year these can be worn? Year-round? Summer only?
- What kind of outfits can they be worn with? Jeans only? (I read a review that says they go great with skirts-- I have yet to find one skirt to pair them with.)

The wedges...

Source: via a journey on Pinterest

Source: via a journey on Pinterest

Yes, they are identical in all but color. But we know how important color is. Especially when choosing a shoe.

Please help me out! I really do want your input!!


  1. Go with the coral. I wear wedges with A-Line skirts. or even the right pencil skirt will do. I could see these being warn spring-fall depending on the outfit/color/weather. Coral would look nice with brown, cream, navy, and green.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately they sold out overnight. I started having doubts when I tried walking down stairs. Oh well.


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