Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reader's Choice: Cork Wedges

I found a pair of wedges for a pretty decent price yesterday at Kohl's, and I want your opinion!!

For some reason when I try to pair these with a camel skirt or a flowery dress or anything, I feel like it just doesn't match. Is it because I've never had a pair of neutral-y cork wedge sandals, or is it because these really are ... passable? 

What do you think? Would you wear these?

I later went to Payless, and found these:

These on the other hand (or foot) can be worn nearly year-round, they look like a generic patent nude heel, and they're actually comfortable. (The cork wedges are surprisingly comfortable-- I almost want to keep them only because of their comfort and not because of their look.)

What do you think? (If it would just be easier to find an example of the dress I'm looking to buy shoes to match with it, click here.)


  1. In my opinion, the key to a really great neutral shoe is to have it closely match your skin tone... that way you never have to worry about matching up the color in your outfit. I have two pairs: one closed toe neutral pump that matches my "winter skin," and some open-toed strappy sandals that match my summer tan.... I feel like they never do me wrong!


    1. That is some really great advice! Thanks, Jennifer! Perhaps that is what I felt was "off" about the cork wedges- my skin is no where near that tan. It's unfortunate, though, because I just can't get over how comfortable they are! I think I just need someone to give me the 411 on shoes :/


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