Monday, August 6, 2012

Casual Monday

Remember that one time I wore yellow and coral together? {If not, see it here}

That was my inspiration for an "I need to run to Walgreens" outfit.

Top: The Limited
Shorts & Flip flops: Old Navy

I've been looking for different ways to wear this top. My thought process was exactly as follows:

1. What color matches with both navy and yellow? Red. Green. Blue. 
2. What color bottoms do I own? All of the above. 
3. Which ones do I want to wear today? Red. 

Ta-da! Outfit! Effortless style. Just what Monday called for.

If you haven't already voted on the previous post, do it here. I really value your input. 
I've always been a flats kind of girl but have been breaking out of my shell. But of course I know nothing about heels and wedges, and believe it or not, the only literature on the internet comes from women who love walking around in 5" platforms. Umm... help!

[Or comment here and just give me the 401 on heels.]

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