Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Dress, Cardigan, Belt: The Limited
Sandals: Merona c/o Target
The first day of school has always caused me anxiety galore. Generally it manifests in the form of restlessness the night before classes begin. This time around, it almost made me late for school. I thought I had my outfit planned for today, but about 100 other outfits came to mind when I stepped out of the shower. Yellow belt or brown braided belt? Sandals or flats? Fuchsia cardigan or geranium (bright pink) cardigan? Or should I wear a different dress altogether?! AHHH. So many decisions. A clear sign that school has officially resumed. 

So why did I pick this outfit? Because I feel confident in it. It's comfortable, and cute. It's not too dressy, but it's still a step above casual. What is your go-to first day of school/work outfit? What is a priority for first-day outfit selection? Confidence? Appearance?


  1. Super cute look! I really like the fushia with yellow! Nice pop! You def. picked the best of the best! Hopefully you had a great first day!

  2. I love jeans with a blazer.. That is always a confident school/work outfit for me! I love this dress with the cardigan too-great look!

    1. Thanks! And I would definitely go with jeans and a blazer... if it weren't 80+ degrees these days!


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