Friday, July 20, 2012

Wherefore Art Thou Fuchsia Skirt?

Last year, The Limited had an amazing skirt, and I passed up on it, until it got on sale. Well, the first time I wore it, I spilled nail polish on it. I happened to be on the way to work, so I couldn't take the time to try to clean it. During my lunch break, I asked a Limited manager what could be done about it, and since she didn't think anything could take nail polish out of a linen-like skirt, she said she could give me store credit. I was fine with that. 

Until a few months later, I regretted that decision terribly. I have been waiting for a skirt like that since. I was tided over recently when I found the beauty seen below, but it's still not that one fuchsia skirt. (Plus, it's jersey and can be unforgiving.) The one I still dream about. Come back to me, fuchsia skirt, come back to me. Have you ever regretted passing up on something? How do you handle that void?

Shirt, Skirt, and Belt: The Limited
Shoes: Tahari c/o DSW
{Buy the shirt here}
{Buy the skirt here}
{Buy the belt here}
Oh... and this is the skirt that has the right to this post...

A skirt worth missing, eh?

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