Monday, July 30, 2012

Inspiration: In Style

Today's outfit is brought to you by In Style...

I adore the dress and jacket in this photo, but what I love more is the insert itself. It makes putting an outfit together so easy! Fashion Tip: Let someone else do the work for you! This insert provides one with at least four outfits (I'd argue twenty-four). I came up with two outfits right away using the same jacket and skirt and just changing the top. Take a look... 

Jacket, Top, Jewelry: The Limited
Belt: from jacket
Maxi Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Merona c/o Target

[showing off my new $10 (faux) snakeskin heels]

The top might not be 'cantaloupe' and the skirt might not be 'scarlet', but they seem close enough for me. The green and the pink work well together, the green and the yellow work well together, the pink and the yellow work well together, but do all three work well together?

Also, I've seen the mixing of masculine and feminine look for quite some time now, and have been wanting to try it out for myself, but I didn't because I thought I didn't have anything uber-masculine or uber-feminine. When I put this outfit together, I really liked the military/safari style of the jacket paired with a bright pink maxi skirt. 

But I need your input! Do you think this outfit would work better if the jacket were belted? Or does it look good at the waistline (as pictured above)? And do you like the three colors together?


  1. Lovely outfit - I think it looks great like that! I love getting inspiration from other images, like from blogs and pinterest :)

    Life etc



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