Thursday, April 26, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Leopard, Something Blue

Everything: The Limited
Flats: Christian Siriano for Payless
Wow. This outfit looks nothing like I thought it would. Weird. I thought it would look more like this, but I guess I should have taken into account that it isn't so dark everywhere I go. Oh well. I didn't repeat the outfit item for item since I added the leopard. I wore the purple belt to match the purple in the necklace, but I'm wondering whether a different color skinny belt would have done something more for this outfit? I just love purple so much!

Side note: This blue cardigan is the first cardigan that I ever bought at The Limited. It was on sale rack, for $15, and I got to use my student discount! At that time, I thought it was an amazing deal. Now I rarely wear this cardigan because of the crazy scoop neck -- you can see it in the picture. 

Husband is sick. I have two term papers due Monday, one of which I haven't even started. Wish me luck. If I get sick, I will lose it. I'm already feeling really, really tired, and it's only 9pm. Three more weeks. Three more weeks. Sigh. The thing about having a fashion blog is it reminds you on a daily basis of how much fun it is to dress up and look cute, but it also serves as a harsh slap in the face that it's only a hobby and not really a life (at least not for me). A lot of women say that if they look good, they feel good. I can't say the same holds for me, but I could say that if I look bad, I'll feel bad. I read an article once where Sofia Vergara said she'll dress to accentuate/flatter one particular body part. I'm not proud of any of my parts enough to flaunt them, and I'm pretty sure it's inappropriate to even let my ladies up for air while teaching college freshman. [Maybe I'll save that for the last day of school.] Does clothing affect your attitude? What do you wear (or do) when you want to feel good?

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  1. That is my favorite color blue! But I can see where it would be difficult to wear because that is a crazy scoop, ha.

    A cute pencil skirt and a pair of stilettos always make me feel good - and powerful! The idea of working in an environment that is business casual / jeans every day is NOT what I am all about.


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