Monday, April 16, 2012

Belted Vest

Inspiration: J's Everyday Fashion
Button-up: Gap - old/gift
Sweater Vest: JCPenney - old
Necklace & Belt: Forever 21
Pants: The Limited
Black Flats: Mossimo c/o Target

I'm not entirely pleased with this outfit. It looked better on the hanger than it did on. The belt should be swapped for a darker belt, the vest should be buttoned all the way, etc. The problem with the vest is that it is longer than I would like, so it looked weird buttoned up completely. Maybe next time I'll try to pull it up a bit. [Am I being too critical?]

I still like J's outcome more. But, hey... at least I tried something different!

Where does your fashion inspiration come from? Do you try to replicate looks, or do you prefer to take bits and pieces and make something your own?

Keep reading for my weekly wants!

yes, it's a lot of navy, but oh well! 

more shiny

tiny polka dots!

different skirt
shocking blue


yes please!!
tiny polka dots!
lace on the shoulders
rugby, anyone?
LBD, enough said
purple blazer? Yes please!

The reason I love doing weekly wants so much is because after posting these original wants, I've narrowed down my list to actually only 4 things I really want, 8 I'd like but would only pay so much for, and 6 that I don't actually like that much at all. The benefits of a virtual closet!

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