Monday, March 19, 2012

Shopping Trip

A few of us went to the big city today. One word can be used to summarize the day: disappointment. [I feel like I use that word a lot. I suppose I need to lower my expectations.] I did walk away with a few cute things, and some pretty good deals. I was frustrated as well.
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger c/o ?? - really old gift
Belt: acquired from a friend
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Not pictured: black flats, c/o Target
First stop: The Limited
I was so excited for the new Forenza line, and just to try stuff on. Well, the store was sold out in a lot of the things I did want to try on, poo. I went up a size just to get a feel for the idea of the item, which worked out fine. There were no good sales today, so I went to the register after trying everything on to make my returns. {Yes, you heard that correctly. If you know anything about me, you know that I wait until after I've made my returns to  'shop'. Not today.} Anyway, I didn't want to deal with the bitchy manager so I found another associate and asked her if she could do my returns. The bitchy manager came up to the register and took over. And, needless to say, she was a bitch. 

Here are some of the things I tried on:
polka dot dress
mod squad dress
collins shirt, forenza pants

forenza jacket

henley top, skinny jeans

I loved the polka dress - it's a must have. The mod squad dress was so cute, but such an awful fit. I liked the rest of the stuff in the pictures, but most of them were bad, bad fits. I will get the henley as soon as it goes on sale. I'm pretty sure I'll do the same for the peter pan collar shirt (seen left on model). I'm not sure I can say the same about the rest. Maybe if they go on some fantastic sale.

I sometimes worry about being such a cheap ass. Seriously. I won't buy things full price (except at Forever 21). I think the girls look at me crooked because of this. I just can't do it. Even today one of the girls got a shirt from Express that was $30 (on sale). It was a silk-ish button-up. I was considering it since I really want an olive button up, but this was more of a brown. I would pay $30 if I could find one like this... but I wouldn't pay more than $12 for the one she got.

Have you ever wondered why some people like some things and some people like other things? Like AS got a bright yellow dress that made me go ... wow. Most of the colors she wears (other than black, white, red) are all tones I probably wouldn't wear. Her skin is only slightly fairer than mine and her hair is jet black. It's bizarre to me. How can some people love something so much and others hate the same thing? Mind boggling. Seriously.

Anyway, I also tried on this top:
I'd pay $10 for it. And that's about it. There were some other things, but they are really not worth mentioning. The biggest disappointment of all was that the pink stuff online I craved for last Monday turned out to all be so dark and/or gross in person. At least it makes my life easier so I am less tempted.

However, Forever 21 is releasing dresses now, but they are all so dang short! Seriously! I tried on a bunch in store, but they covered my butt and barely anything below that. Either I have a gigantic rump (which is partially true) or the store should consider changing its name to Forever 16. I used to think it was called Forever 21 because the clothes there were ideal for 21 year olds, and purchasing the clothes would allow you to stay 21... forever. Seems quite implausible, now that I really think about it. Oh well.

Then we left the mall and went to Old Navy. I did score a shirt I had been eyeing online and in the blogs for a while now... for $8!
The one thing that bothers me about Old Navy is their inconsistent sizing. I have no clue what size I am there. I saw this top in only XS and M and was scared that it would be one of those occasions where the XS is too small and the M is too big and that what I really need and want is the S. Not this time. Hooray! I've been looking for green tops, I've been looking for some easy breezy flowy tops. And I got both in one package. 

I also got some unique flats, for $8. These were a gamble, I'll be honest with you. I was considering getting these other ones instead (also $8) but the blue was so bright that I decided against them. I really liked the canvas material on the rest of the shoe, but I couldn't see myself wearing them with any outfit that I generally wear.

I was also disappointed by the selection of dresses. There were some really adorable dresses, but they were $40! Since when does Old Navy carry anything that is $40 (other than jackets)?! The times, they are a changing.

Anyway, I hope this week to find some really afford-ably priced shoes that I can wear while teaching. Right now, my black flats are atrocious, and the rest of my shoes just don't match the style. (Black heels, black wedges, colorful shoes just don't match with a salmon colored sheath dress, believe it or not.)

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