Friday, March 30, 2012

Shades of Blue

I can only imagine... what life would be like if I had actually planned my outfit, rather than just throwing together pieces last minute.

Occasion: Teaching
Everything: The Limited
Wedges: Merona c/o Target

It might be hard to tell in this picture, but the tee has pleats on the top. I had brought my red necklace with me to wear, but it wasn't until I got to campus that I realized I was wearing red, white, and blue, and you know me... I just can't bring myself to wear those colors together 364 days out of the year. I swapped the cardigan three or four times, and the belt three or four times as well. This is what I went with. I'm not entirely stoked, but wearing new shoes made up for it. 

Oh, the in-laws are in town. That means that I could end up wearing something cute tomorrow. 'Could' being the operative word.

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