Friday, March 9, 2012

See My Vest

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns sings "See My Vest" (to the tune of "Be My Guest")? I would have felt like today except for two things:
1) This was a back-up outfit. I had a much more colorful, fun one planned but staying up until 3am grading awful exams killed my motivation to. 

2) I was in a bad mood, i.e., no mood to sing.

Button-up: Banana Republic
Vest & Pants: The Limited
Sorry for the blurriness. You get the point. I am happy to have little things like this vest that I can just add on to a plain outfit (black pants and white button-up). 

Oh, so remember the student on Wednesday who thought I was 30 years old? Yeah. So, today, after class, he asks me to wait, and as I do, I see him pull a magazine out of his backpack. [I should probably mention at this point I was quite angry- I gave my students a few strong words regarding their exams.] I thought he was going to pull out an article about aging or using moisturizer or something that had to do with what he said on Wednesday... but nope. He leafs through the exam, "hold on, hold on, I just have to find it..." and then hands me the magazine, open to a picture of bears. It made me smile. 

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