Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Purple: Perfect for 30?

One of my students and I will sometimes talk after class while we leave the building. Today...
Student: Can I ask you a personal question?
Me: umm... yeah... I can't promise I'll answer, though.
Student: How old are you?
Me: ::laugh:: How old are you?
Student: 27, pushing 28. How old are you?
Me: How old do you think I am?
Student: Well... don't be mad... but 30?
Me: ::silence::

[Since some of you probably don't know me that well, I am 24, going on 25.]

When I tell him I'm 24 he is shocked. I ask what it is that made him think I'm 30, and he says it's because he's never had a teacher younger than him, so he couldn't imagine that I would be younger than him. Then he said, "And you dress like it." WHAT?! "Well, I mean you dress like a teacher... And I've always had really old teachers every year in school". Honestly, I was still pissed and quite offended that he said that. He said that I talk like I'm older because today I was reminiscing about DSL and dial-up internet, and I said that I didn't have my first cell phone until I went to college. I still was so shocked, not only because he thought I was 30 (he should have at least lied and said 28). I've had people guess that I was younger than I was, or within a year or two. But wow. How can you not be offended if someone thinks you're 5-6 years older than you are?!

So, allow me to present to you today's outfit, which clearly screams "I'm 30".

Necklace: Gift
Shirt and skirt: The Limited
(Sorry that I didn't get a full length shot, but you can sorta see that it is knee-length.)

When I told this story to one my colleagues (my new go-to shopping buddy) she could not believe it. She said I should have slapped him across the face, and that he must be an idiot because I'm the most fashionable person in the department. That made me feel slightly better. But now I'm worried that if someone who is older than me thinks I'm 30... there has to be something about my appearance that gives someone reason to believe that. That, or I'll just tell myself that it's because I'm so confident and intelligent that there's no way I can be fresh (3 years) out of college.

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