Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old School Stripes

In an effort to wear clothes I already have more often, I present you with today's outfit...

Top: Forever 21
Belt: came with top
Jeans: The Limited
Purple flats (not pictured:
Old Navy)
Necklace: Forever 21
Obviously I'm in the process of changing some things around, one being where I take my daily picture. Do excuse the inconsistencies until I get things straightened out.

This top makes me only think of how successful my Forever 21 trips used to be. Now they are just a big bottle of disappointment. It probably has something to do with the layout of the store. While shopping there, I've heard other women (girls) complain about the music being louder than any other F21 and the entire store being a mess. I remember back in the day the store used to be organized by color. That's when I fell in love with the store. Then they were organized by style (?). Now, it's a giant cluster-fuck of people putting anything wherever they please. It's not just the customers. I've seen the sales associates do the exact same thing! At that rate, what is it that separates Forever 21 from an over-priced garage sale? Seriously. Am I the only one who has been having bad luck with the store? 

A month ago I almost bought a top, but it had a stain on it. Naturally, I went to try to find another. I spent maybe ten minutes looking for the same top. Seriously. (Note to self: remember where you pick something up in the store just in case you need to go back to it.) Since I really wanted this top, I found a sales associate. She and I went around the store for a few more minutes. She found a whole bunch of tops that looked similar, but weren't the same. (It was a black and white striped sweater. At least 10 other variations in the store.) We finally found it, only to discover there were only mediums and larges left. At least on that rack. I gave up. Although I spent the following week pining over the loss of that sweater, it's days like today, when it's 80 degrees out, that I do not miss it. In fact, this weather is doing nothing more to me than wondering why I bought heavy clothes this winter. 

I hate the jump from winter to summer. Where is spring? Where are the days of 50 degrees? What about the days of 60 degrees? How do we all of a sudden find ourselves jumping from winter jacket and gloves one day to shorts and tee the next? Sigh. The worst part about this is that these marks the start of 6 months of constant feuding with the hubs. He can't stand to have it warm in the apartment, so the air is always on. Which means that I am in sweatpants and often a sweatshirt, too. Which means that I have no clue about the actual temperature outside. Which means that I am inappropriately dressed when I do go outside. These aren't even the arguments I present to him. I just think it's a waste of money to have the luxury of a cold apartment. He says it's not a luxury and that I need to stop complaining. Ah, hypocrisy. [Realistically, I should be used to this. My dad had the air set at 68 during the summer all through my childhood and adolescence. But, I'm not used to it.]

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