Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hit and Miss, Day 2

HAPPY 101st POST! Yesterday, I reached the big 100. Hard to believe, eh?

Spring Break starts Friday. The hubs is on his spring break this week - and I think I mentally checked out with him. I've been approaching this entire week half-assed... and you know what... I'm okay with that. I feel fantastic and so relaxed. Hopefully I'll get work done next week. If I don't, I'm gonna be hella stressed when I'm trying to write three term papers in one week. 

Anyway, you can see that this half-assed attitude is extending to my outfits, too. (And even my picture taking.)
Everything: The Limited
Not pictured: Leopard flats - Payless
Not like this picture
is really any better...
I was going to belt this cardigan, but since I was running late, I just grabbed my leopard skinny belt on the way out the door, and then I decided to forego it... something about leopard flats and a leopard accessory just seems too much. What do you think? Will you match something in your outfit to your shoes? I think it's one thing if you're wearing a solid-color shoe and want a solid-color accessory (belt, jewelry, whatever), but statement shoes should not have a statement match? Am I just over-thinking things? (I'm a philosopher - these things happen.)

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